The Secret To Happiness

Life is all about balance. It is a juggling act between what is, and what we desire, both now and in the future. A balance must be reached between the two, or a person can never find contentment.

In life you are either receiving what you desire, or what you and the collective consciousness of the planet have created. All of this means that you are either happy and grateful for what you have created and received, or you’re unhappy. Of course what we have been talking about here is an emotional reaction to one’s environment. There are two things which can cause an emotional reaction in us. The first is anything which is external to our selves, and the second is our thoughts about what is happening to us.

In truth though, regardless of what is happening, either externally or internally to us, it is our thoughts about it, which draws forth our emotional reaction to it. Our beliefs about how life should be, determine when we feel life has taken a turn against us. Our thoughts make up our beliefs which are not necessarily aligned to truth, they are “our truth,” and therein lies a potential situation for unhappiness. If you’re beliefs were always aligned 100% to the truth of God, you would never experience unhappiness.

When you know you are a part of God and its plan, and that God’s plan is as perfect as itself, then you believe that it is impossible for anything to go wrong. God is the immovable object. When you stop banging your head against a brick wall, you will feel instant relief, and when you stop denying the reality of God’s plan, you’ll find instant relief. Do you realize how much energy you expand fighting against, what is?

What about injustice, crime, war, starving children?
Should I just ignore it all, and be happy?

God’s plan includes balance, meaning the equality of life for everyone. When the balance of life is disrupted by those who make their own needs and desires, more important than those of other people, we have the right to restore balance, but nothing more than that. It does not mean we can go overboard, by being vengeful or cruel. If you are personally involved or affected by the circumstances of the world, you may choose to alter them, or not, depending on your beliefs. If you are only an “observer” of those circumstances, then why are you drawing them in to your life by placing your focus there? If viewing these circumstances creates unhappiness within you, then it follows that, viewing joyful circumstances will create happiness within you.

Obviously, because you have a choice as to where you can place your focus, you have made an intentional decision to be unhappy! Why?

A person must ask themselves why misery draws their attention away from joy, especially since everyone professes to be seeking joy. My answer is that people either don’t know why they do what they do, or they have very little control over what they do. The day when, what a person thinks, says, and does all align with each other, consistently, is the day they can start being happy, because they now have the ability to use their mind in the service of love, joy freedom and truth. Until that day, their mind is just a wild stallion which hasn’t been trained, standing in a corral, which cannot serve its owner in any meaningful, or useful way.

Without a trained mind you don’t know what you believe, or why you believe it, and so there can never be any consistency in your behavior.

So what is the secret to happiness? The secret is this “life just is!” What is happening is totally meaningless.

Only “a person” attaches meaning to what is happening, and the meaning they attached to it, is their own! My meaning may be different to your own, and 100 people might result in 100 different meanings.

Life is totally meaningless! You can give life any meaning you want.

Now ask yourself why you chose to give life the meaning that creates a state of unhappiness within you? Unhappiness is a choice, your choice, in the same way that Joy is a choice,

So you say you want joy, but choose to be unhappy. Why?

Life is totally meaningless. I know you don’t like that idea because it places full responsibility for your life with you. I’m sorry, but that statement reflects the true reality of life on earth, and probably elsewhere. In conclusion I will say that if you want to be happy, then think say and do things which are consistent with that choice.

When stuff happens, and it will, stop and ask yourself what meaning do I want to attach to this event? Once you have made your choice then be happy with it. Happiness then, is a choice but only for those who realize they have a choice and exercise that choice. Can life really be that simple?

Well accounting is as simple as black ink or red ink, but look at how we have complicated the whole field of accounting and taxation. Humanity has a real talent for taking the simple, and distorting it beyond all recognition!