Life’s Big Questions #4

Q: What is the truth about justice and revenge, are they the same thing?

A: One must ask themselves where the idea of justice originated from? All things are first derived from thought, and so the “idea” of justice must have arrived first.

Yet the idea itself must have been born out of a preconceived “need” or condition that spawned the need for justice. Therefore the idea of “injustice,” must have predated the idea of justice.

Humanities attempts to navigate within a dualistic environment brought forth those errors which were the natural result of not being in touch with universal guidance on a conscious level.

This left the human ego in charge of the bodies survival, and over time the ego has become the dominant means of communication and interaction in the world between people.

Human errors beg for correction, and the only real correction is truth.

If one were lost in the woods and were attempting to find the correct path that would lead them home, would the application of justice be capable of leading you out of the woods?

Justice then, can not really have been created as a remedy to error, or it would be able to be applied effectively to “all” errors.

Truth is the only thing that is capable of correcting error. Justice then, is a creation of the ego, who seeks revenge in all its various disguises as the solution to all errors or personal offenses to the ego.

Many of you may be wondering about “universal justice,” and we would say that as one approaches the Godhead physically, mentally, and spiritually, an ever-increasing amount of truth becomes revealed, and so the possibility of being in error lessens in direct proportion to the amount of knowledge one holds and acts on.

Error is still possible outside of this realm, and as a remedy, truth is advanced, and all actions taken are based in love for the needs of the individual, and balanced against the needs of all other universe personalities.

The only “true” justice then, is the correction of error through the revelation of truth. The motivation for the correction of error is always love based, in so far as conditions will allow, and revenge plays no part in the process.

At the highest level, all activities are lessons in how to love. The only lesson that revenge can facilitate is to allow a choice to exist between a loving and loveless action, thereby making it possible for people to choose the one, and release the other.

Therefore, the succinct answer to your question is that, the need for justice reveals the possibility of error, and it’s required correction. The correction for error then, is truth, and the highest motivation for that correction is love, not revenge.

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