Life’s Big Questions #10

Q: How can we save the environment?

A: Our response would be to ask “can a general lead an army that won’t follow?”

Are not the bulk of the negative things happening to the environment being caused by the global economy?

As long as people continue to support and follow the current business model by purchasing luxury consumer goods, businesses will continue to damage the environment in an effort to supply those consumers with the goods they have been conditioned to desire.

We will not get into depth on this issue because the answer lies quite near the surface.

There is no “will” on the part of humanity to reduce their consumption of luxury consumer goods, and so what reason would there be for business to alter its practices, which are the source of the deteriorating global conditions?

When people take it upon themselves to institute a system of restrained spending, combined with recycling and resource sharing, then business will have to alter its practices.

However, in an economy such as yours, all business has to do is whisper the words “job layoff” and people will automatically move back into fear mode, and return to old-established ways of living.

Maybe if we were to whisper the words “global extinction,” possibly that might garner enough attention, that people might choose life, over employment.

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