Sanora On Self-image

Sanora are you there?

Yes, greetings my son. How have you been keeping yourself of late?

Fine thank you. And how have you been?

Missing our interaction. It is always a joy to be of service. It really is our dominant vocation, and so we are never happier than when we can fulfill a primary function.

Okay,… how do you feel about talking to me about the whole idea of self-image?

Actually we are all jammed up here, can I get back to you on that one?

I guess,… are you serious?

Of course not, were just having some fun with you. We would be delighted to do all we can in regards to your request.

Let us begin with the common idea that self-image is what you think you are, in all your various aspects.

Self image, as it is commonly viewed by people, is often a judgment as to the worthiness of yourself and others. As such, captains of industry rarely suffer from a poor self-image, and are looked upon as the marker to strive for. And so the higher one rises in your society and the more public recognition one receives as a result, the greater the tendency for the crowd to set these people up as role models.

Of course one can not place other people up high on a pedestal without increasing the distance that exists between them and yourself. And so, self-image is often perceived as that gap that exists between societies bigger than life individuals, and the average person.

This tendency to judge of course has the potential to result in errors in judgment, and wherever that potential exists, you can be sure it is playing itself out.

Additionally there are other factors which contribute to errors in judgment, such as a persons looks, skin color, sex, size, age, and education. These all become factors in the self-image held by people.

We would say that people are using the wrong criteria in the assessment of their worth, due to a lack of understanding of their true nature.

A person can not be other than who they truly are, moment to moment. As well, they can not make an accurate assessment of themselves if they can not consciously connect to their higher self. Who you are is an individualized aspect of the Creator, and you have been all of it,… hero, villain, wealthy, poor, athletic, sickly, intelligent, village idiot.

This current life is just another in the continuing saga that is you. How then can you accurately assess yourself if you lack so much knowledge about who you really are. All judgments which people make about their self-image then, must be superficial and limited in its scope.

When the phrase “know thyself” was coined it accurately reflected the idea that without an accurate assessment of who you really are, you are incapable of accurately making judgments as to the nature of reality. One could hardly profess to know all truth, and in the same breath be ignorant of themselves.

If one feels inferior in any respect, it is an indication of how heavily that person has bought into the value system of the world. If you use the world to reflect back to you your self-worth, you will always be sadly disappointed.

When you value your own opinion and assessment, as to your total worth, then you are on the right track. And when you make your assessment out of real knowledge, then you will see yourself as GOD sees you.

We have skated across the surface of this topic, however we hope that we have provided you enough food for further thought.

Have we served you well?

Yes that was great Sanora, thanks.

Your most welcome. Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.

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