Life’s Big Questions #11

Q: How should one deal with all the bullying now going on everywhere?

A: This is not a new problem, only a problem being faced by a new generation. The younger the generation, the vibrationally higher and more sensitive they have become.

This heightened sensitivity is coming to the forefront in the form of social issues of which bullying is one.

There is currently a large vibrational range and difference between the oldest living generation and the youngest. Bullying has always occurred, and the older generation dealt with it in more “physical” terms, by taking decisive actions that brought situations to a head rather quickly.

This younger generation tends to internalize these situations more, which results in them having to live with them longer, with no definite resolution in sight.

Physical abuse is always far easier to deal with than mental or verbal abuse.

All situations in life are potentially consciousness expanding, and one would benefit by asking themselves what is there to be learned by each person, or society as a whole out of this situation.

Maybe the situation is trying to teach you to value yourself equally with other people, or possibly it is pushing your fear button, thereby teaching you the value of courage, or possibly it is teaching you that your own assessment of your worth is independent of how your peers see you.

Regardless then, bullying is a low vibrational response to life, and as such it exist as part of duality, which is a tool we make use of, in order to make choices and learn life lessons. One does not go about eliminating both the tools, and the alternative choices they represent.

The preferred method is to use the tool to make the vibrationally highest choice of which you are capable at the time. The next time the same tool creates the same situation, you are then able to see if you have moved on, or are instead right back where you were originally.

One cannot legislate problems out of society, as you can see by the increasing number of laws you are enacting each year. Most problems have to be dealt with at their source, however, society finds that rather difficult due to the fact that it would require people to alter their behavior, which is something they are reluctant to do.

What is the answer? The answer is that the fabric of the family structure is being threatened on many fronts, and what has taken many years and generations to create, can not be stopped or turned on a dime.

Parents are advised to closely monitor situations to prevent them from escalating out of control. At the same time, children must learn to work through issues such as these on their own, to the best of their ability, in order for them to be able to develop any real social skills.

All situations are of course unique unto themselves, and due to the varying nature of geography, social structure, and age range of the participants, there are no hard and fast rules or answers, only principals to be considered and applied.

As a parent, do what ever your wisdom dictates, however, over protection can be detrimental to a persons development, therefore, discretion is advised. And of course there is always a distinct difference between a social issue, and a direct threat to ones life. These are two totally different problems.

Therefore, in an environment where people have a track record of physical violence against each other, all intimidation should be taken seriously.

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