Life’s Big Questions #2

Q: What is the purpose of life?

A: Who hasn’t asked this question at one time or another? The flip answer is that GOD had way too much time on his hands when he created us.

Is this question even answerable? I mean who could presume to know the workings of the mind of GOD, certainly not me, however, as I have stated before, while a person might be able to conceal their thoughts from other people, they can not so easily hide their actions, which are the results of those thoughts.

It is through the outward observation of “effects” then, that we are able to gain insight into the mind and motivations of people and GOD, if we apply that approach to the Creator.

Now if you are in a quandary as to who created life, then my explanation will not serve you, because I view the creator of all existence as being an energetic, benevolent, intelligence of unimaginable proportions.

From this point forward I view the purpose of life through GOD colored glasses.

I believe that GOD loves to create, nurture and maintain life, in the same way people create art, pottery, buildings, or grow plants or keep pets. Part of the reason that GOD does this is for the ability to have a relationship with its creations, who are created from itself.

If you look around at life you’ll notice that everything exists in relationship to everything else, and personal relationships between people are what motivates and drives us. Humanity is not only singularly unique on this planet, but throughout the cosmos as well.

In closing then, the purpose of life is expansion (creation), experience (physical), and the development of consciousness, which is really a conscious choice to love in each of our outward interactions with the world.

If GOD is infinite, then there is always more to know, do and feel, with regards to life.

God is like a train everyone is on, that has no fixed destination. You can get off the train anytime you like and sample the surroundings for eighty years or so, then get back on the train with the rest of your friends until you get the urge to do it again.

That train is called “The Peace Train.”

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