Sanora, are you there?

Yes, greetings my son, we are here for you now, a bit of a wild day out there, is it not?

Yes, I thought we were all done with winter, but I was wrong.

How then, might we be of service to you today my son?

We have discussed the idea of forgiveness before, but I was wondering if we could touch upon it one more time for the benefit of this forum?

Certainly, we would be delighted to do what we can, that we may expand your understanding in the area which you have made inquiries about.

Firstly, let us start this topic with the understanding that there are multiple levels of reality, in that which we call creation, whose characteristics are vibrationally based.

And so we are first establishing an understanding that, just as there exists knowledge of which you are not aware within this third dimension of reality, so too does there exist other realities of which you are unaware, while you are in this level of existence.

What this means then, is that, as you are living your life within this dimension, feeling subject to all its rules and beliefs, you will be living a life of self-imposed limitation, in order that you might maximize your physical experience within this reality.

Now this limitation which we are speaking of, has to do with the memory lapse which each individual undergoes when they enter the physical earth plane environment. This is the “fall” which we have refereed to so many times before, and it was devised in order that you might become totally immersed in this reality, and have a genuine experience here, instead of just skating along on the surface of life.

This of course leaves every one at a great disadvantage when it comes to thinking or acting at the level of your true self. And so we are saying here that, physical reality by its very nature is vibrationally low, and that in order to exist as a reality here, you must lower your own vibrational state of being in order to be able to interact with all that vibrates at this level.

Therefore, for the purposes of this discussion we will say that there exists for each person, two levels of knowledge. There is all the accumulated knowledge available on the earth plane, and there is all the knowledge which exists outside of the earth plane.

The understanding and acceptance of the concept of forgiveness then, is dependent on which vibrational level of awareness you are occupying at the moment. The ego is the creator and ruler of this lower dimension. It is the “I”, while GOD is the “I AM.”

Your ego remains hidden to you most of the time, allowing you to believe that you are directing your every move in life. Only when you are asked to do something that requires you to be in a very high vibrational state of mind (such as that required by the idea and execution of forgiveness) can you clearly see the ego move to the forefront of your thinking, and realize who and what is truly pushing all your buttons!

Your ego will not directly overrule you, because it wants to remain a hidden entity to you. From this hidden place within your mind it can then subtly exert its control. Now we are not saying here that your ego is the “devil”, (because of course one does not exist in the way that you have been taught). What we are saying is that, your ego is a natural part of your mind, which is so separated from its higher self, that it is continually in a survival frame of mind, and is very paranoid.

With regards to forgiveness then, your logical ego mind will subtly say to you “ okay, we have had done a terrible wrong done to us, and if we are going to forgive, what is the justification?” If you are then unable to come up with logical reason to support your intended actions, you will maintain in your current emotional position.

Forgiveness is based in the knowledge that there is a hidden aspect to life which is spiritual in nature. It is a higher vibrational reality, and is perpetuated by higher levels of thought and action (for the most part). Jesus talked a lot about faith, and said to “be in the world, not of it.” Meaning that the ego “believes” it rules this world, while the creator “actually” rules this world and everything outside of it.

Faith then is “belief without knowledge”, which you will not totally remember while you are in this environment. Much high level understanding has been left with humanity so that they would not be left totally without guidance. Much of it has over time, been corrupted by the ego, so that it has now become a task of sorting out truth from fiction.

This has been hard for most people to do, and so there has been a tendency for people to give up trying to sort out fact from fiction, and just accept all sacred wisdom in the form in which it currently exists, knowing that the truth must be in there somewhere.

Of course this has had the effect of mixing the vibrationally high, with the vibrationally low, resulting in the behaviors and beliefs which now are working themselves out in your world on a daily basis.

Each of you are infinite, eternal, indestructible aspects of source energy, which are totally incapable of being damaged or violated in the truest sense of the word.
Whether you believe that Jesus was the author of the book “A course In Miracles” or not, the author correctly expressed a sublime truth when they said:

Nothing real can be threatened.
Nothing unreal exists.
Herein lies the peace of GOD.

In this world all that occurs which might require forgiveness, occurs as a result the ignorance of each persons true nature and potential. Forgiveness then is a choice based in faith, not to perpetuate that ignorance any further.

The idea of forgiveness then is based in the faith that a higher benevolent power has always been in control of this world, and that the nature of that power is love.

Forgiveness is a very high vibrational action whose purpose is always geared to achieving the highest good of everyone. Therefore, when it comes to justifying your act of forgiveness to the ego, you can be assured that you are engaged in an activity that has the highest potential outcome for every person involved.

And after all,… isn’t that what you really want? Many more thoughts could be added to what has been expressed here, however, we have touched on most of the important points, and created enough food for thought for your average person, therefore, we will conclude this talk.

Have we served you well my son?

Yes that was great Sanora, thank you so much.

You’re most welcome. Peace, love, and joy, unto you and yours.

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