Life’s Big Questions #8

Q: What is the truth regarding the law of attraction, is it just a commercialized hoax?

A: We would say that the phrase “law of attraction” describes a number of natural universe phenomenon that jointly, “appear” to be working together under one banner, which of late, you are calling the law of attraction.

Formerly, and even still, it’s common descriptive term is the “law of cause and effect. ”

This law has long been recognized and been given credence. The principal behind the law of cause and effect is that everything is energy. This means that all of creation is made up of some type, and form, of vibrational energy.

The theory to the law of cause and effect is that, the “void,” which contains all potential energy, when acted upon by consciousness (sole possible first cause), will alter conditions (effects) that previously existed. Thus one can say that any alterations in energy anywhere in creation, will have its effects, (even causes as trivial as idle thinking), and will produce new conditions that did not previously exist.

Therefore, the law of cause and effect is based in the reality of action, and its resulting reaction.

The law of attraction, is a way of explaining in layman’s terms, what is occurring during the natural manifestation process that people consciously, or unconsciously are using, to draw to them the dominant desires in their life.

It is clear to everyone that, things do appear in each person’s life which are both desirable and undesirable, both intentional and unintentional. Therefore, when you recognize that certain wanted and unwanted creations are appearing in your life, the questions become, “how” and “why” are these things coming into your life?

This inquiry is the focal point of the law of attraction, which essentially tells you that your current physical reality is coming to you primarily through the normal worldly, channels of creation and distribution.

It is also telling you that regardless of the “way” in which a thing makes its way to you, the fact that it “does,” and “how it does” is what the law of attraction is all about.

This of course does not exempt the possibility of creations, and the delivery of those creations, originating in areas outside of physical reality.

We hope this has been of service. Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.

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