About Love

Sanora are you there?

Yes, greetings my son, how are you on this fine winters morning?

Very well thank you.

How then might we be of service to you today?

Would you please tell me about the nature of love, and touch on its importance?

We would be most happy to increase your knowledge about so important a topic. Love is a “word symbol,” for a vibrational state of being and expression, that is used by all people at one time or another.

The actual lettering of the word symbol may vary from culture to culture, however the idea and feelings that are trying to be conveyed through the use of that word symbol, remain constant. For our purposes, we will use the English language word “love,” as our word symbol for this exercise in delving into it’s mysteries.

Now considering that love is a single word, humanity has managed to attach a very broad range of meaning to it, to the point where when two people are speaking about love, they can be exhibiting extreme vibrational dissimilarities.

This is so, because at any given time a person can only express him or herself, within the working vibrational range of their present conscious awareness and understanding.
Therefore, as one’s personal vibration increases through the act of living, the individual continues to make gains along mental, emotional and experiential lines, that eventually equate to knowledge.

Thereafter, those new-found values become the basis for higher vibrational concepts surrounding the definition and realities of love.
This means in essence, that while every one has their own working definition of what love is and how it should feel, it also means that no two people will be defining love in exactly the same manner.

GOD expresses itself continually in a manner which is inclusive of all vibrational states of being. This expressive state is what we refer to as the “supreme definition of love.”
The divine plan allows for “all forms” of vibrational expression, so that no soul is found wanting in either knowledge or experience. This of course leads to a multitude of expressive possibilities, and accounts for the varied thought patterns and resultant action amongst individuals.

All are expressing and experiencing according to their present level of understanding and development.

One of the challenges of living an earthly existence, is that people have trouble being consistent in their reactions to their environment and to each other. This inconsistent reaction to very similar circumstance, is why your learning curve is taking so long to master.

The idea of love means many things to many people, and even to one individual, the meaning will vary day-to-day, depending on the current emotional state of that individual.

States of extreme joy or depression, tend to color or cloud over all aspects of a person’s thinking process, until such time as a natural equilibrium has been restored. Therefore, the only true definition of love, would have to be one which exhibits the highest vibrational state of being with a level of “consistency.”

Anything which maintains it’s vibration also maintains it’s state of being. In physical reality when you alter vibration, you alter physical characteristics, and change one state of being into another. For love to consistently remain what it is, it must therefore remain “vibrationally consistent.”

God can be counted on, only because God is consistent. Nowhere else in the daily activities of humanity do you approach the level of consistency exhibited by God.

If you are still at the level of consciousness where you are questioning the reality of GOD, might I suggest that you take a look around at the activities and attitudes of people, and consider the consistency of their behavior, then try to imagine how a consciousness exhibiting that kind of behavior could possibly create and maintain a whole universe.

What if GOD just didn’t feel like going to work one day?

Thus the first clue to the reality of GOD, is the realization that humanity is at this point, incapable of consistently creating and administering its own universal environment, and so the question is, who else qualifies for the job?

People say that GOD is love, however what is really meant by that is the idea that GOD consistently exhibits a creative vibrational reality with “specific and consistent characteristics,” which we call love.

Humanity intuitively understands the idea of what love is, but has trouble living up to the standards which define the vibration of love, instead they live a watered down version of love, that exhibits a broad range of expressive forms. The only way to learn the true meaning of love, is to learn the true nature of GOD, because the two are synonymous.

Let us list the most obvious characteristics of GOD, with the understanding that you may substitute the word love for the word GOD, without altering characteristics, form, or meaning.

The true nature of GOD can be described as being “all inclusive,” and that the vibration of love is a representation of that same nature, which incorporates, but does not limit itself to concepts such as joy, freedom, truth, mercy, justice, unity, compassion, creativity, faith, and belief.

As you can see, love incorporates every high vibrational concept you can imagine into it’s characteristic, giving it the power and mystique that has come to be associated with the vibrational force which is responsible for the creation of universes. And,… this highest of vibrational realities, is all that remains once you leave a dualistic reality, and move back into unity with the source of your being.

Far too often, love has become a tool used to manipulate people, and achieve with more ease, those things you might not otherwise achieve as easily by other means. Of course were really talking about certain behaviors which are presented under the guise of love.

Real high level vibrational thinking would never lower itself to such activities.
When you subvert the true nature and meaning of love, you have lowered your own personal vibration in the process, and from that point of low vibrational thought, do you begin to draw to you from universal sources, equally low vibrational creations.

The secret to all creation is to choose a high vibrational state of being, and maintain that state, until such time as the universe can deliver to you, that which you are in alignment with.

GOD, which is equal to love, will not be fooled by words as people often are. The universe delivers in exact alignment with your predominant mental state, and if that state be joyful, it will deliver creations that are a match to that state of being.

It can be said with confidence that on earth, GOD represents both the vibrationally high, and the vibrationally low, in order to allow us the freedom of expression, and to facilitate choice. What we do with that choice, ultimately determines our overall mental and spiritual make up, culminating in a vibratory nature which defines to the spiritual world, who we are in terms of our mental and emotional development.

Love is a very large and broad topic, because GOD is a large and broad topic, however, as an introduction, we hope we have given you both insight and direction.

Have we served you well?

Yes, thank you so much Sanora.

You’re most welcome. Now we will say good day, and take our leave.

Peace, love, and joy, unto you and yours.

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