Life’s Big Questions #15

Q: Why do bad things happen to good people?

A: This is a question often asked by people. How can a loving God allow bad things to happen?

This is a very large topic in that it touches on many metaphysical and spiritual concepts. We will move through them rather quickly, in order that the answer may be short, but complete, understanding that the foundation for these answers must be passed by, in order to accomplish much in a limited amount of time and space.

First, since nothing ultimately exists but the Creator itself, then at the highest level of understanding, these “bad” things are happening to the Creator itself, and at a significantly lower level, to both the Creator “and” you.

They are not “bad,” as people are inclined to label them, but are instead the result of natural cause and effect. All things are just the natural manifestations of the forces that caused them.

In Genesis I believe it is, nothing had a name until it had been given one, thus life does not come with labels attached to it, designating one thing as being good, and another as bad, instead, things are what they are vibrationally.

Everything then, being vibrational, represents some specific aspect of reality which God desires to experience through you. Humanities constant desire to live only on the “sunny side of the street,” would in effect then, limit both the experience of humanity and God.

Limitation is not the experience for which God set all in motion, therefore, all experience is not only allowed by God, but actively sought out (within reason, and the parameters of the divine plan).

This freedom and necessity to experience “all,” is what allows for choice to exist. Free will is based on the ability to choose, and the fact of duality, facilitates the out working of that choice. No duality, no choice,…no choice, no free will.

The expansion of consciousness requires all vibrational experience, including that which you label as being bad. Through free will, you are able to develop the ability to make “consistent” choices between low and high vibrational concepts and reality.

You know these as fear and love.

Once all of humanities’s choices become “consistently high” by nature (loving), then we are now back to a single “consistent choice,” with regards to all people and situations, which is that of “love.” This being the case, there is no longer a need or use for an “alternative choice,” and the role that fear and negativity play, can be retired. Until that day, negativity will continue to play an equally important role to that of love.

Because of the role that reincarnation plays in this process, it would be possible to live many lives filled solely with fear and negativity. This would be followed of course by many lives of total love and bliss. However, who could endure or desire, multiple lives of total negativity? Instead would it not feel better, and serve the divine plan equally well, to experience “some” negativity along, with some joy in each lifetime?

And this is exactly what we find happening. People desire prior to reincarnation, to design into their life plan, a little negativity, along with an equal amount of good, in order that a more balanced life may be experienced. However, this is not a “requirement,”and you may have it any way you desire, as long as you eventually have it all.

There are no short cuts to be had in the process of enlightenment or ascension. All people will arrive at the same place, and “eventually” achieve the same level of consciousness, for the reason that “there is nothing else to do, and nowhere else to go.”

Essentially then, this is why bad things happen to good people, and why good things happen to bad people.

It is simply amazing, and amazingly simple!

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