Sanora are you there?

Yes greetings my son. How are you on this wonderful spring afternoon?

Very well thanks.

How then, may we be of service to you today my son?

Well I was wondering if there was anything that you would like to pass along to me at this time?

Most certainly, there is always that which when imparted to you, can be of service.

Let us talk about the up coming time that lies ahead, for both yourself and those around you. As you have probably surmised, something has been afoot for some time now, and that which we are eluding to would be very hard for most people to define. It is probably more of a feeling, than anything concrete which you could point to, and as such, most people are unable to accurately define what they are daily encountering.

The whole earth, and every one on it is being vibrationally uplifted, as the frequency of the earth increases due to the ongoing fulfillment of a plane that is divine in origin and purpose.

As a result of this increase in the resonant frequency of the earth, physical changes are occurring on both it’s surface, and at various depths within the earth, as everything both in and on the earth, tries to achieve a balance with this new energy.

Mental changes are occurring as well, since all thought is vibrationally based, those material creations which were based in vibrationally lower attitudes and actions are now falling away because they are now so incompatible with the new energy that is dominating the planet.

Increases in energy and it’s frequency are also having effects on your bodies, and many of you are feeling nausea, dizziness, headaches, as well as flu like symptoms. Bear in mind that your bodies are mostly water, and anytime you increase the molecular movement of a substance it has effects, such as creating heat.

This is the theory behind your microwave ovens. Therefore, as your bodies are subjected to increased molecular movement, as a result of an increase of the earths natural resonant frequency, much toxicity which has been stored within your tissues will be loosened up and start to find its way into your blood stream. The results of this can be very uncomfortable at times.

Time itself will seem to be moving at a different rate than ever before, although there will be nothing in your outside world that you will be able to use to confirm this suspicion, it will just be a continual feeling that you will find yourself subjected to.

This is, and will continue to be a great time of polarization, as those people and institutions which are able to make the transition do so, and those who cannot, fall back or remain where they are the most comfortable. The universe has a plan for those who are not able to make the upcoming jump into the next vibrational level, and people will be as well taken care of as they have been in the past. Development occurs in all dimensions and is ongoing. Not everyone progresses at the same rate, therefore, do not feel that there are any penalties imposed on those who may remain behind in this present environment.

If there is any drawback to remaining in this third dimensional environment, it will be the fact that it will be populated by people with predominantly low vibrational beliefs and attitudes, and people will no longer benefit from the vibrationally higher beliefs and attitudes that once coexisted and moderated the overall vibration of the planet.

And so we are saying here that all is a process, and that there is no line drawn in the dirt that everyone must step over before a certain date, although the rate at which things are changing is accelerating.

In closing then, we would say to you be of good cheer and try to stay in your place of joy for as long as you are able each day, knowing that there will be an eventual stabilization of energies which will then become your new idea of “normal.”

Have we served you well?

Yes, that was great, thank you Sanora.

You’re most welcome. Peace, love and Joy, unto you and yours.

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