Gratitude is the path that leads to joy and prosperity.
One way to increase your joy is to appreciate what you now have, and are currently experiencing, for the reason that,..if you can not appreciate what you now have, then you will lack that ability with any new creation.

Gratitude is a lower harmonic of the love vibration, and places us in a very good emotional state for further manifestations of equal vibrational frequency. One can not be grateful and not be happy, because the two vibrational frequencies are so very close. Happiness, gratitude, joy, all co-exist extremely well together, and aid the manifestation process.


The Circle Of Joy

The Circle Of Joy

When your grateful, you’ll be happier.

When your happy, you’ll manifest more of your desires.

When you manifest your desires, you’ll have fun.

When you have fun, you’ll experience joy.

When you experience joy, you’ll feel grateful.