Life’s Big Questions #12

Q: Is capital punishment necessary or effective?

A: Well to answer that question lets look at the objective of capital punishment, which is the elimination of crime through the threat of punishment, and the deliverance of justice.

In light of it’s objectives, and the length of time the death penalty has been used as a deterrent to crime, the question becomes, is it effective at all?

Well the answer to that question is obvious to everyone. No, it is not now, nor has it ever been an effective deterrent to crime. Some would say that without the death penalty the crime rate in society would rise.

Our answer is that the crime rate has been rising “with” the death penalty in place, so who could say for sure what would happen without it?

The act of killing a few criminals each year in your penal system, as means of creating a deterrent to crime, is of no consequence, when at the same time your armed forces is busy killing off many hundreds of the nations most innocent and youngest citizens in ventures designed to serve capitalism.

Death then, whether in prisons, or on the battle field, in the news, newspapers, movies, or in books, has become so graphic and common place that, people have become very “desensitized” to it.

With all this daily loss of life going on, how does one more life lost, suddenly become a major deterrent to crime?

Any vestige of moral retribution afforded by the penal system, is totally lost by the senseless carnage you are creating in other parts of society. Where is the lesson in all of this?

The lesson apparently is, don’t get “caught,” and don’t get “shot.”

Band-aid solutions to societies problems are designed to cover them up, not effect a cure, and that is exactly the case with capital punishment.

People move their children out of the regular school system and into the Catholic, and private school system in order to move them out of an undesirable element, and improve their child’s chances of success.

When it comes to criminal rehabilitation we do the exact opposite, we move them out of the normal environment, and into an undesirable one, and expect them to rehabilitate themselves.

As for an individual families need for justice, we would say what baby is born with a gun or knife in their hand? Society has to assume some level of responsibility in the kind of people their policies, laws, beliefs and habits create.

Justice then, is all about eliminating the huge gap that exists between those that have, and those that have not, so that there are less criminals every year, not more.

What possible benefit can killing criminals have, except to satisfy someones need for revenge?

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