Foster Child

Who are these people
that control my life,
where are my real
mom and dad?

Why can’t my life
be like the other kids,
how come it often
feels so sad?

I long so much
to feel my mothers touch,
and to have her wrap me
in her loving arms.

And I want to have
my fathers hugs,
that leave me
feeling warm.

There are times
when I feel
so disconnected,

from the other
people in the world.

And I wonder
why add to its problems,
by bringing in a girl,

who’ll rarely
see her parents,
and seldom feel the joy,

of a love that only
a parent can give,
to their own
little girl or boy.

Oh the world’s full
of good intentions,
and likes to think
that it’s doing well.

But unless you’ve been
a foster child,
you can’t know
our private hell.

But thanks so much
for trying,
to share your home
and your love with me.

I probably should
feel grateful,
but all I long for
is to be free.

And late at night
I wonder,
whether my parents
are the loving kind?

Or if some day,
they’ll  take away,
the one, they left behind?

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