Life’s Big Questions #9

Q: Should society distance itself from religion because it is the source of so much conflict between people?

A: Religion is not a “thing,” it is an intangible reality, based in thought and beliefs. Therefore, how does one distance themselves from a thought?

Thoughts find their way into words, which become classed as “Holy” scripture. Why are they designated as Holy? It is because the idea of Holy and that of truth, have intentionally been made to appear synonymous in your society. Labeling anything as being Holy, has been a means used to automatically catapult certain beliefs into equality with the vibrationally highest values in all of creation.

Labeling a thing as true, has no bearing on it’s vibrational nature, it is just a label. A thing is what it is vibrationally, and your labeling of it has no ability to increase or decrease it’s vibrational characteristics. Only your personal interaction via your energy field can alter a thing, unless of course you have reached that level of understanding and ability to effectively focus and direct your thinking in a manner that will immediately manifest physical reality. However, very few of you are there as of yet.

Therefore, religion as a whole has it’s own dominant vibrational reality because it is primarily a thought based construction. Religion is a mixture of the highest vibrational realities, being expressed to the low vibrational level of the Earth plane.

This knowledge must of necessity must be vibrationally lowered, if it is to be understood by, and useful to, the masses. The distortions of religion occur at all levels however, as can be expected, most of it occurs at the lower levels of understanding where ” faith and belief” are forwarded as an adequate substitute for understanding.

People at any level have the capacity for faith and belief, and so these are the dominant tools that religion and it’s structure use to further it’s own ends.

Religion is detrimental to society to the extent that they create a framework around their beliefs, and instruct their followers not to think about, or interact with anything that is external to that framework.

Being a “controlling” factor then, religion can not be functioning according to the values of love, truth and freedom.

As a power base primarily geared to establishing and growing it’s structure, it has become equal to the nature of a global corporation whose function is to expand it’s organization and maximize it’s profits by all legal means possible.

As long as faith and belief continue to be foundational cornerstones of religion, there will continue to be conflict between the various religions and it’s members.

No one can corner the market on truth, love, freedom and joy. If religion is experiencing problems, or is the cause of them, then how much truth, love, freedom and joy are they leading their followers to?

Certainly an organization who can not lead it’s own membership into a complete understanding of the true nature of love, is not one who could act as a world-wide model for appropriate values and behavior!

If there is anything about religion that you should distance your self from, it would be the limiting framework of beliefs which it has placed around it’s membership.

It is a certainty that the complete and true nature of the Creator and his created reality, could not be completely expressed within the limited confines of any sacred and Holy book, and so our question to you is why would anyone want to limit their knowledge and experience of GOD in any way?

Fear perhaps. But from what source? Possibly your religion, your Holy book, your religious leaders, or your well-meaning, but misinformed friends?

The various religious organizations of the world would do well to get their own house in order first before even considering the activity of foisting their beliefs on the rest of the world.

Set your lamp up on a hill and let it’s light be a beacon to the rest of the world. (or something like that.)

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