There is no better indication of your dominate personal vibration, than is indicated by your alignment to the idea of competition.

People are totally conditioned from day one, to accept and revere the idea of competition. Therefore, if you have managed to alter your belief in the value of competition, in all its various forms, then you have freed yourself from one of the most debilitating beliefs of the world.

Additionally, if you have not freed yourself from this belief, then you have no idea what I’m talking about,… you are totally clueless in this area.

Competition opposes unity and cooperation. It is antagonistic toward them.

To value competition and cooperation because you don’t want to let either go, is the same as valuing peace and war. You want both, because you have a use for both, and you have a use for both, because there is no consistency in your value system.

The bottom line is this, “you think you’re right, only because you thinking is flawed!”

The positive side of competition is that, when you tired of losing out and doing without, then maybe you’ll start valuing the concept of sharing. Sure sharing won’t allow you to have it “all,” but it will allow you to have “some,” and it will give you good feelings out of all proportion to the amount you shared!

Should I feel Guilty

When people are born, you may have noticed they are not all born in the proximity of a five-star resort. They are born all over the earth. Why?

Why are people born into a war ravaged area, or an area of famine?

If you don’t believe in a life plan, then disregard this post. If you do, then realize that people are where they are, because that’s where they want to be. It’s no mystery. So how guilty should you feel about your life plan, or theirs? Guilt does not enter into it.

Each person is exactly where their life plan initially called them to be.

So, should you enjoy your drink, while others are dying of thirst, or savor your meal, while others are dying of starvation?

Deciding not to enjoy the good things in life, does nothing to alleviate the suffering of others, and only works to make your life lest joyful.

You create and direct your life, and to a limited extent the lives of others, so own some responsibility for your life, but don’t take the responsibility of the whole world onto your shoulders. Just do your own part, and only you know and can say, how big that part should be.