Time is an idea. The planets which orbit the sun in a regular definable pattern, have long been the basis for mans early concepts of time. Their regular patterns of movements through the heavens, are really just the characteristics of creation,… the truth of it.

Reality and truth have the ability to impact ideas, not the other way around. Time is an “idea” we have applied to reality, but like all ideas, it was not born on Earth, or with humanity, but is instead, a part of the higher knowledge which resides within God-consciousness, which is the source of all knowledge. There is no new knowledge within creation, it all resides with God. It does however, become available to lower vibrational forms of life, as they rise in consciousness, and are able to align with it, and access it.

All of creation can use the idea of time, it is not unique to us, but certain conditions must exist for time to be a factor. Time is dependent on relationship, meaning that there must exist at least two of something, before time can exist. These two things which exist, must be tangible realities, and not intangible ones, for the reason that they must be measurable, and you can’t measure an idea.

Time, velocity, and distance, are all related to one another, and are dependent on the existence of two definable objects or points. One cannot establish the distance or speed from one point to another, if there is only one point, and the “time” it would take to get somewhere, then becomes a redundant question, if there is nowhere to go.

God is “All in All,” the great “I am,” and at some point it changed from, existing as a singular entity, in which no time existed, into a multifaceted creation, where relationship existed. Time then, became a knowable and useful part of knowledge at this point. Time is not part of universal law, but it is a definable effect of the “out working” of universal law. The orbits of the planets around their sun are not dependent on time, but on the natural laws of the universe. Time however is dependent on having two aspects of creation in relationship to each other.

There is confusion on earth as to whether time is real or not real, applicable or not applicable. This can be overcome by considering a couple of factors. Time can not be established on the strength of a relationship based solely on an idea, because time itself is an idea. Time cannot exist in the absence of a relationship between two tangible universe realities.

Time is a part of universal knowledge, and exists as an idea. As an example, consider the current idea of the “now moment” which is a popular concept in use on earth today. Even if one could apply the concept of time to the words “now,” and “moment,” neither word symbol accurately defines any specific increment of time, and the whole concept of time revolves around increments, or divisions of time, which are, “definable and capable of completion.” Neither of those words symbols meet that criteria. The word symbols “now” and “moment,” are just ideas, however they are ideas which are incapable of completion.

All divisions of time must be capable of completion!

Any division of time which is incapable of completion is called “no-time,” or eternity, if you prefer. Eternity itself is the idea of timelessness, because it never completes. Obviously then, if one were to change the words “now moment” to “now minute,” you would have a definable span of time, capable of completion. If however, you change that to, “the eternal now minute”, you would have an oxymoron, expressing the idea of incompletion, and completion, in the same sentence.

Are we having fun yet?