Lets contemplate the idea of beginnings. There are seven billion people on Earth, meaning, seven billion different aspects of consciousness, and who knows how many there are in all of creation, the number could be beyond understanding.

If God does not exist, then that leaves only the possibility of a random, unguided, unintentional creation. A limitless, eternal, all-encompassing state of reality which is just one big accident.

And,…not only that, but this creation which exists, is continually perpetuated, and guided, by the will and consciousness of billions upon trillions of separate aspects of consciousness. Aspects of consciousness who,… all are good enough to come together in a coordinated effort to keep this whole creation working, even though no single consciousness was responsible for its creation, or knows exactly how it works!

Does this work for you? Because it doesn’t work for me, and I suspect that it doesn’t work for any “thinking or feeling” individual.

Sure, I talk about God,…and that turns some people off, but some people have not learned to separate religion from God. Religion didn’t create the universe,…hell,… they can barely keep themselves organized and together.

God is just a three-letter word for the Creator of All That Is. Don’t get all bent out of shape over three letters.

The smaller your thinking is, the easier it is to buy into theories which sound intellectually, and scientifically possible. The larger your comprehension is, regarding the magnitude of creation, the more you realize that there can be nothing random or accidental about it. Proof??? Well let me turn the tables and ask “you,” why you can’t deduce what I can? What’s wrong with your faculties?

Everything is out there for you to discover,…but you won’t find the clues that will clarify what I’m talking about, on the sports page!