Legend of A Nomad

“Legend of a Nomad” is an inspiring story for the search of the true rhapsody of life. It is a fascinating story of travel elucidating the concept of destiny, as viewed from different cultural perspectives and existing philosophies. This book describes, in a very unique way, the phenomenon that is created when knowledge and intuition are merged together resulting in a transcendental energy with the power to give both insight and confidence into tomorrow. This story of adventure demonstrates how this power has the ability to bring awareness to the deeper meaning in every event, and further encourages the exploration of the unknown. Readers will reflect deeply on the messages in this book and become increasingly aware of their unique place within the big picture of Existence. “Legend of a Nomad” is a very special book, and even somewhat magical, in that it has the capacity to deeply inspire readers and greatly influence their personal destinies.

— As a very young boy, Nathan miraculously survives a shipwreck in South-East, Asia. Mauro, the father of one of the victims of this tragedy, takes Nathan under his care and brings him home to Europe to raise him as his son. It becomes apparent, very early on, that Nathan is a very special young man, one with a very distinctive intuitive capacity and with a profound hunger for knowledge. As a young adult, Nathan embarks on a worldwide journey searching for life-enriching experiences and for his purpose in life. Inspired by his “inner voice” and his special affinity with water, Nathan is given important insights from exceptional people along his path, and as the years go by, he is increasingly aware of the influence his actions have on his surroundings. Thus, he discovers his very unique role on earth, one with a profound impact on nature and all of mankind… a destiny beyond his wildest imagination! —

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Linguistics: Maria Ponte da Costa – Nicole Manker – Rosemary Dawn Allison – Grace Medeiros

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