Sanora On Light Workers

Sanora, are you there?

Yes, greetings my son. How are you this fine day?

Wonderful, thank you.

We are so happy to hear that. How then, might we be of service to you today?

I was wondering what you could tell me regarding the topic of “light workers.”

We suspect that you’re not referring to those who are employed by “Con Edison.”

No, you know the ones I mean, stop clowning around.

Very well my impatient, humorless friend, we shall do your bidding, lest you bend something out of shape!

Light workers are the term you are currently using to describe an individual who’s primary focus has become fixated on the spiritual side of life.

This has become a necessity, because while the physical plane environment does not require any special abilities to either see, or interact with it, spirituality on the other hand, is deceptively invisible, subtle, and requires one to develop and maintain an intentional focus on all things spiritual, just to achieve a balance between physicality and spirituality.

Light workers then, are first and foremost, those who have awoken from the captivating spell that this physical environment is able to cast over people, and are now busily engaged in whatever particular agenda they had set for themselves, prior to this incarnation.

In most cases their agenda is to assist with the awakening of as many people as possible, to the greater reality of which all are apart. That greater reality being the recognition of the Creator, and the role that humanity is playing universally, in the unfoldment of the Creators plan. It is a very important moment in humanities history, as both humanity and the planet are set to ascend together for the first time.

Thus, all the stops have been pulled out, in an attempt to awaken as many people as possible at this time, despite the fact that some forces are working against this agenda.

The first to awaken are usually light workers, because they are usually drawn down less deeply into the density of this environment, and secondly, it is the reason they are here. Thus light workers first send out the call to all their breather-en, until such time as a sufficient number have awoken, after which they can begin to focus on awakening those who are more heavily entrenched in the density of physicality.

Those who feel an unexplainable, irresistible urge toward all things spiritual, are in all probability, those you would call light workers. The biggest qualification for which would be, your certainty in a higher power who is both the creator and upholder of reality. The rest of what you might, or might not believe in regard to that, is merely just the frosting on the cake.

Now, unless you are desirous of learning the secret handshake, or want a light worker decoder ring, we are finished I believe.

Have we served you well?

Hey, you out to go on Saturday night live!

We will take that into consideration. Can we serve you further?

No, that was great, thanks Sanora.

Your most welcome. Peace, love and joy, unto you and yours.

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