Reality And Dimensions

Sanora, are you there?

Yes, greetings my son, a beautiful day, is it not?

Yes, it’s a very nice day.

How then, may we be of service to you today my son?

Sanora, would you be able to explain to me your understanding of reality, and dimensions?

Why yes, I believe that we can expand your understanding in those areas.

Let us first talk about reality. Now all of life is a creation at both the individual and collective level. One good way to view reality is to compare it to a still frame photograph in which you are the focal point. As you are well aware, the “you” in the photograph is a limited reality, in that it exists, but can not interact with your environment in any meaningful way. It is static,… frozen in time.

Now if you were to multiply that one photo by one thousand, and alter your facial expressions slightly for each photograph, you would (if you could look at them in very rapid succession) appear to see motion on your face. This is how movies are made. This is also the nature of reality.

Reality then, is an infinite number of created moments in time, existing sequentially, and giving the illusion of both movement and continuity. You are all immersed in a creative energy field of unimaginable proportions. All creative input into this energy field will alter it, and create effects which may be noticed by yourself and others.

And so we are saying that even the smallest of energy inputs into this creative energy field, such as those created by thought, will alter the nature of this energy field.

Reality then, can never be a static thing, because of the continual creative input by everything which is a part of it. In simpler terms, it can be said that those who were designed to create must do so, and in the doing, must affect the energy field in which they are constantly immersed.

It is true to say then, that reality is always representative of the way things are, which in the ultimate sense “means change.”

Dimensions occur “within” reality, and represent the way things are “vibration-ally within that reality. Your third dimension is filled with radio waves of varying vibrational frequency, which are transmitting invisible information, which can be picked up and reinterpreted as sound by any radio tuned to the correct frequency.

The universe is much the same. Dimensions are not “real estate” based realities, but are instead based on vibrational frequency, and overlap each other in much the same way that a stack of individual sheets of paper can overlap each other. This is why there is sometimes a bleed through from one dimension to the next. You move from one dimension to another by altering your vibrational frequency, and you have done this each time you have incarnated into the lower dimension of physical reality.

You are in error then, when you believe that there is nothing outside this physical plane of existence. In truth, everything else in all of creation lies outside of this physical plane, which is merely a drop in the bucket in comparison to all of the rest of creation, which is infinite in its scope and creative ability.

Have we served you well?

Yes that was great Sanora, thank you.

You’re most welcome. Now, if there is nothing further, we will take our leave. Peace, love. and joy, unto you a

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