A Treatise On Spiritual Versus Secular Business Practices

If someone were to ask you for directions, because they had lost their way, you would be doing them a disservice if you gave them directions which are only “approximations,” when you could have given them the “exact” directions they were looking for.

And so, while the conventional methods of doing business leave a lot to be desired, and can not realistically be turned around on a dime, even if people so choose, it nevertheless requires a clear realization of where you ultimately want to end up, if you ever expect to get there. Therefore, it is with the intent of providing a path which leads to the highest good for all, that business could follow if it really wanted to, that I present this treatise on spiritual versus secular business practices. These are the “exact” directions.

Business truths, are not separate from spiritual truths, they are extensions of it, being based on unwavering law, which governs all human reality.

These laws can be unknown, unused, but not undone. Man believes that because of short-term gains, he can subvert universal law with impunity. However because we live in a balanced universe, the pendulum will sooner or later swing back the other way to restore the natural equilibrium of things, and any short-term personal gains are quickly lost.

Both spiritual, and conventional thinking are easy to understand. What is hard to do is sit on the fence between the two, and try to make your life work. This is so, because spiritual truths are based on the ultimate laws of GOD, as he created them, and are not amendable, while conventional business thinking, is for the most part, based on man’s conception of “how things should work,” and therefore, will not uphold anything lasting.

Each of us, is on our own journey, and it’s not up to any one of us to tell another how to live, but it is up to us to “show” another how to live, by being a light to follow.

You may not be spiritually directed or inclined at the moment, but let it be known, that life as you know it, provides abundant “clues” all around you, as to the existence of a spiritual reality. Therefore,… if you do not believe in a spiritual reality, then for the present moment,… you are “clueless.”

As we make our journey through life, each of us has an opportunity to form an allegiance, not only to GOD, but to others as well. However, you can’t become devoted to God first, family and friends second, and others third, because in reality,… “there are no others.” It’s all GOD,… expressing itself as others, and you. Therefore, being devoted to GOD, means being devoted to your fellow-man, otherwise you have no concept of what devotion means.

You can tell if your devoted to GOD, because if you are, you would never entertain the idea of entering into a business transaction that would be exploitative of your fellow man.

For a business transaction to be beneficial, the service or goods must be equal to the compensation. Also the nature of the whole transaction must be beneficial to all the people it will ultimately impact, both now and in the future. This means that no business transaction should exploit anyone, anywhere, at any time.

This may seem to be “unrealistic,” given the way business is being transacted today, however this only serves to illustrate the wide gap that exists between the spiritual way of doing business, and the way the world is currently conducting it.

An important part of spiritual business practice is to make your goods as affordable as possible, to as many people as possible, thereby ensuring the maximum benefits to the greatest number of people. If however you are the cause of, or part of the process that causes hyper-inflation, then you are not very concerned about your fellow man. You have established your priority as being “you,” and you are fully involved in a low vibrational method of doing business.

In conclusion, once you become devoted to GOD, you become devoted to your fellow man, and the proper way of doing business will automatically fall into place, without any stress or strain on your part. This ideology will however, never be compatible with current business practices, and any attempts to make it so, will only produce frustration and failure. It is a stand alone concept, not amendable by anyone not truly devoted to GOD. Now here in concise form, are the supporting ideas behind spiritual business practice.

Truth 1: We are all spiritually, mentally, and physically connected at an observable, as well as a hidden level, to our Creator. He is us and we are him, and we are all together. The truth is that we are all one.

Truth 2: Every physical manifestation is thought based. Thought is the starting point of every physical manifestation, whether it be the result of individual thought, or caused by the collective consciousness of humanity.

Truth 3: No individual is more special, or has any more value than anyone else in the eye’s of GOD, regardless of what you may have been told, or read to the contrary.

Truth 4: Your needs and well-being are important,… but not more important than anyone else’s!

Truth 5: Creation, and the Godly means to manifesting the physical, always work, because the means are based on laws within ultimate reality, that were created and are being supported by GOD.

Truth 6: When you subvert truth, your creative efforts are no longer based in ultimate reality, and therefore, can not be fully supported by the universe.

Truth 7: Being clever is an asset, only when you use that quality to benefit all parties, and not just yourself!

Truth 8: In any business transaction, adding value to someone through the transaction is not enough. The goal is to add “equal value” to the other,… anything else is just an exploitation of that person.

Truth 9: Any belief system which sees everyone as equal, and people as one, yet continues to put it’s own self interests ahead of others, is at odds with itself.

Truth 10: The proper business mind-set, is to give, buy, or trade something of value, for something of equal value. This is how you, and the universe maintain a proper balance.

Truth 11: Equal value is established by both the buyer and the seller, who are both fully knowledgeable about all the facts surrounding the transaction. Any undisclosed knowledge, which is withheld by either party, is not an equal transaction. “Buyer beware,” is not based in universal law.

Truth 12: The correct price to sell anything, is to sell it at the price “you would pay,” if the situation were reversed, and you were the buyer.

Truth 13: The world’s idea of how to do business, is to try to squeeze every dollar out of each transaction. The universe’s way of doing business, is to “extend as much value” as possible to every transaction.

Truth 14: The world as a whole is not yet spiritually awake, therefore, if you’re engaged in the world’s method of doing business, “you’re not spiritually awake”!

Truth 15: At the end of your life it will be irrelevant how much wealth you will have accumulated, because none of it will be going with you. What will go with you, is all that you have” become,” in the process of accumulating that wealth.

Truth 16: These are the spiritual truths to creating anything you desire.
A: Conceive it
B: Believe in it
C: Feel good about it
D: Do the aforementioned as often as you can, for as long as you
can,… “always in joy.”


Revelation Of The Not So Obvious

All of humanity is equal in all respects, and therefore, there are no special laws,
dispensations, values or entitlements, which apply to some people and not another.

And, if you say “but there are,” then we say, “there shouldn’t be!

Everything is “One.”

That one thing, is God.

God is, “All There Is.”