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Each of us has a spark of God consciousness within us, which keeps us in constant communication with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

That communication link becomes stronger, the more we use it, and the benefits it can provide are boundless.

One must go within their own mind, heart and body, first, and establish that communication, and in so doing, your outward interactions with the world will improve dramatically.


There is free will within creation, therefore, the choice to reincarnate back onto Earth, is yours alone,…at least in terms of the timing.

Why you would chose to reincarnate is a personal choice, however it is fair to say that all life has a desire to become the most that it can be, and to experience the joy of that.

When in spirit, you know that God is in service to all that it creates, and any desire to be like your Creator, would include a strong desire to be of service to more than just yourself.


The whole aim of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, is to separate the real from the unreal, and thereby restore your mind’s connection to God, in the way it existed before the fall.

To do this, it strengthens your connection to the Holy Spirit, who is your teacher, and to Jesus, your elder brother.

When this goal has been achieved, you will have clear and continuous communication with God and Jesus, through your teacher, the Holy Spirit.


You want your life back,…then fight for it!

Start talking about a national one day “sick leave,” where 80% of the country stays home sick for the day,…the same day! Just tell them you might have covid and don’t feel too well!

Organize,…start getting this idea out there and lets make it happen. I guarantee it will scare the hell out of them to think that we could get organized to that extent.

Then lets talk about a Global, rotating one one day sick day, where everyone who doesn’t feel too well, (because of covid!) stays home for the day. One country at a time.

Spread this idea throughout all social media and lets end this nonsense!


Listen to this video,…maybe you agree with it,…or not. The answer to all these lock downs is as obvious as the nose on your face, and he did not touch on it, because he isn’t thinking outside of the box.

What do you think the impact on the economy of the country would be if “everyone” refused to go to work for just one day  because they felt sick (probably with covid, ha ha)? Think about it,…it wouldn’t break your bank any more than these lock downs already have, but it would sure send a clear message out to the people organizing this crap, when their world suddenly grinds to a halt. They would soon see where the real power in the world lies.

How about global rotating one day sick leaves cause covid is dragging you down (ha ha)? First one country on one day, then another country on the next day, totally making international business and trade impossible. And,..if they try to strong arm us,..we suddenly feel ill for two days at a time, until they start to get the message and the picture!

The answer to this is not complex,….it just takes enough pissed off people to implement it.



Do you understand that we all bought into all the good and the bad that has been taking place on Earth since time began? We all knew prior to each incarnation what was going on on Earth, and we all wanted to help ourselves, by helping others.

Nothing prior to each incarnation is a surprise,….all is disclosed before hand so each soul can make an educated decision about what they want to do and experience. There is no intent to deceive in heaven.

It is only after we arrive and quickly forget our former spiritual reality, that we feel we may have gotten on the wrong bus. Maybe you should have purchased a round trip ticket!


There was a time not too long ago when all I heard on the internet was the outrage against bullying. On social media, in the classroom, and in the news, bullying was the scourge of the planet, if you were to believe all the complainers.

Personally, being older than most of the whiners,…I wondered how I managed to grow up and not be bullied? Oh, wait,…I was bullied,..big time! What did I do you ask,…well you either confronted your aggressor, or you sucked it up,….simple. It made you develop a thicker skin, which held me in good stead the rest of my life.

Now,…with the whole world being threatened and bullied I’m wondering where are  all those people who were so vocal, and why they are not doing anything about the fact that they are being bullied on a daily basis? They all want social change,..well now is their golden opportunity to flex their muscles and put down this unreal pandemic.













Can you see how the “unreal” pandemic is working for humanities highest good?

What other mechanism could stop the world in its tracks and give people the opportunity of a lifetime, to re evaluate their priorities in life?

This opportunity to decide for yourself where your true values lie, may never come again in your lifetime, so make the most of it.