Life’s Big Questions #5

Q: What is the truth about divorce?

A: We would say that the concept of relationship makes its way into almost every aspect of a person’s day-to-day life.

Duality, which is the idea of opposites, is the fundamental concept that allows relationships to exist. Relationships start then as two or more component parts which exist, and can be compared to each other individually, or individually in relationship to a group, or as a group in relationship to another group.

Relationship however is more than just a comparison, it is also a state of coexistence, with that which is external to ones self.

Having said the aforementioned, we can now talk about relationships between men and women that often result in the action of divorce. It is our belief that in asking this question, you are really seeking to know whether divorce itself should be viewed as being morally right or wrong.

We would say to you that divorce is no more or less morally right or wrong than your participation in your sociatle act of marriage. Marriage and divorce are two opposite sides of the same coin, and one does not relinquish God-given values and rights, just because they have decided to either participate in, or opt out of a specific aspect of social engineering.

While it is true that over the course of a marriage there may be new and increased areas of responsibility created, which arise as a result of a relationship, these can be viewed as opportunities to apply all the vibrationally high values and beliefs you believe you hold.

Thus, the manner in which a relationship dissolves reveals where people stand in terms of the actual beliefs that people say they hold. If one takes the view that love no longer exists in a relationship (for whatever reason), then those people may not feel the need or desire to act in a loving manner, toward their former partner.

In essence then, once you have ceased to “care for” that other person, then you no longer feel an obligation to “care about” them in any way.

People find it not only necessary to put some distance between themselves and their former partner, they also find it desirable to put some “mental and emotional distance” between themselves and that person.

Thus they tend to swing from love, into whatever emotion will ensure that mental separation and distance. This is the key source of most problems encountered in the divorce process. Most of you have not learned to disengage in a loving manner. While others have not learned what makes up the true nature of love.

In part #6 we will look at how people could disengage from one another in a more loving way.

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