Life’s Big Questions #6

Q: What is the truth about divorce? (part two)

A: Now, as a continuation of our previous line of thinking, we would say that the “spiritual” reasons for divorce are that the parties involved have reached a point where no further experiential development is either possible, or required. On the Earth plane, the reasons for divorce could be any reason, however some of the reasons will be spiritual in nature, and some will be driven by the ego of the participants.

Where the reasons for divorce are spiritual in nature, there is always the possibility that both parties will be living from a high enough level of understanding that their disengagement can be structured in a way that works of the highest good of everyone.

Where the reasons for divorce are “ego driven” by the minds of one or both people, the ego will seek out the support and authority of social structure, (which itself is dominated by ego beliefs) as a way to ensure that it is able to have its own way, in as far as that is possible.

This posses the question “how can one or two people driven by the dictates of the ego, extend love and good will toward their partner?”

The answer to this question is one that people do not want to hear. The ego wants what it wants and the world be damned. One can not make a silk purse out of a sows ear,…and you can not make the loveless fearful demands of the ego, into some heavenly aspect of divinity.

People who are dissolving a relationship and being guide by their ego instead of their higher self, will be focused on ensuring that they receive all that they are entitled to in all respects, under the law. Their primary concern will be with their own needs, which may have been the initial cause of the divorce in the first place.

Having said all this, how can we use this information with regards to divorce. Well, I guess it comes down to this, There are just two kinds of people. Those who are “in” the world, and those who are “of” it.

Regardless then, of which way you see yourself, “the proof is in the pudding.”

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