Sanora are you there?

Yes greetings my son. How are you on this most glorious of mornings?

Very well thank you.

Wonderful, how then might we be of service to you today?

Sanora we discussed emotions the other day, however we were interrupted and didn’t complete that talk. May I broach that subject again?

Certainly my son. We will revisit it as many times as you feel it is necessary, in order that you might come to a full understanding of that particular aspect of creation.

Now if I understand you correctly, the question which you are seeking clarification about is, where do emotions originate from?

Firstly let us look at the possible sources from which your emotions could arise. The first and most obvious source would be, “yourself.” One must of course make a distinction between experiencing emotion, and being the source of that emotion because they are not the same thing. Thought eventually manifests itself into physical reality which may then be experienced physically, and which eventually culminates in an emotional experience of a specific vibrational nature and frequency.

The ideas and beliefs which arise out of that experience then, will have a vibrational frequency that can span the whole vibrational spectrum from high to low. Also, anyone else who may have a very similar experience to yours, will not necessarily have the same emotional experience, due to the possible difference in beliefs which were formulated by that person, out of that experience.

What we are saying then, is that the exact same experience is capable of creating two different emotional outcomes, within two different people, due to their thoughts and beliefs about what they have just experienced. Therefore, different beliefs about the nature of the world, create different emotional responses toward ones environment.

Another point of consideration is that, the activation of past memories can be emotional triggers, which are capable of bringing forth the same emotions which were originally associated with those people and events.

Now in summing up all that we have just said, one could say that both the physical nature of your environment, and your beliefs, are the keys that determine the nature of the emotions you will experience. When you are physically to cold or hot, or to hungry, you will not be very happy. Anything which threatens your survival will cause you to have thoughts of a low vibrational nature, and will result in you experiencing emotion that is a vibrationally equal to the thoughts which you are having.

And so we have come to the point where we are saying that, the nature of your emotions must stem from your thoughts about your experience. A second consideration would be the role your higher self (soul) plays in your emotions. Each individual has a natural overall vibrational state of being to which they continually return, and that this state of being is different from individual to individual. This explains and accounts for those people who are continually positive and optimistic, and also accounts for those people who are continually negative and pessimistic.

Everyone has a set of beliefs which act like a vibrational governor which works to continually bring them back to a specific vibrational state of being. In order then, to alter that state of being and the emotions which you will experience as a result, one needs to alter their beliefs about what constitutes the nature of reality.

In this life you are but just one aspect of your soul, who is watching over you and guiding you during this present incarnation. Your soul is that divine part of GOD which was created in the beginning and contains all knowledge about the source from which it was derived. You are in constant communication with your soul through your emotional body, and your soul is continually sending you energy which you choose to call emotion, which aligns perfectly with the thoughts which you are having.

Thus when you are having negative low vibrational thoughts, and are sending the same out into the void to be picked up by other people, your soul will let you know your working against your own highest good, by sending you low vibrational energy that will feel very uncomfortable and depressing. Alternately, when you are thinking thoughts of a very high vibrational nature, your soul will send you energy of a compatible nature, that will feel wonderfully joyous, thereby letting you know that you are on track to your highest good.

Therefore, regardless of what is happening in your life, your thoughts become the basis which determines the type of vibrational energy you will experience in conjunction with your souls activities, as it engages in the process of continually guiding you to your highest good.

Have we served you well?

Yes, very well. Thank you Sanora.

You’re most welcome. Peace, love, and joy, unto you and yours.

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