Life’s Big Questions #13

Q: Is technology necessary or beneficial to the advancement of our human society?

A: The answer to that question lies is the answer to a larger question, “what is human advancement?”

Everything in creation proceeds from thought, which is housed within consciousness, both individual and collective.

Consciousness, being the singular beginning and end to everything, must then be the sole reason for everything back of it, including the idea of human advancement.

Exposure of human consciousness to both physical experience and emotional content, advances and expands human consciousness on every front.

Limiting human consciousness in any of it’s possible activities can only work to limit the advancement of consciousness. Consequently, this means that knowledge can only be either theoretical or experiential in nature, and experiential knowledge is the more complete of the two.

Technology is but one aspect of creation. When humanity advances in a balanced manner, technology develops along certain lines, and when humanity advances in an unbalanced way, technology advances in a manner equal to the mindset of social consciousness.

The issues of technology come down to “is it using you, or are you using it?” And,…if you have to ask that question then the answer is rather obvious.

If you are looking for a direct answer to your question, we would say that the answer lies in taking your focus off of “things,” and start placing it back on “people.”

A world without technology is still bearable, and potentially joyful.

A world without people is pointless. That is why GOD created people in the first place!

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