What is spirituality? It is a name we’ve given to a specific set of beliefs which have been adopted by a segment of society. Specifically, it reflects most of the ideas held within religion, without the official religious structure which usually accompanies those ideas.

It is a deregulation of the beliefs about God, created by religion.

Most of humanity believes something. Even Hitler believed something. Just because you have idea which form your beliefs, doesn’t mean you know the truth of something.

If you don’t know God on a conscious level, then you cannot know “the truth,” because God is truth,…every bit of it. “God created reality” defines the idea of truth, and so,…

The further you are from God, the further you are from the truth.

That idea probably rubs a lot of people the wrong way only because “your ego is your god.”

A person’s combative attitude toward God, is the result of their ego vying for control over that person’s life.

The greater your resistance to the whole concept of God, the greater you are an ego controlled and driven person.

If you find yourself saying “I’m not an ego controlled person, this guy is an idiot,” then that is your ego on the defensive. Personally, after being controlled by my ego most of my life, I can tell you that being controlled by God is a much nicer experience. Sure, I still have my moments, but I know which side my bread is buttered on, and that’s the side and I always return to.

Spirituality and the movement toward God, is usually a transition, which explains why being born again doesn’t usually bring instant change to a person. Spirituality is a realignment of a person’s beliefs, so they align with the truth of God’s natural creation.

Spirituality is about spirit and reality, both of which are sourced in God.

Ego is about your opinions, your beliefs, your needs, your wants, desires, your rights, your freedoms, and your concerns. The more you’re “into yourself” the more ego oriented you are. That is not bad or criminal, it’s natural. Babies are totally ego oriented, with a baby, everything is about “self.”

Egos should mature, as a person gains more life experience.

An ego is only a detriment to the extent that it has not matured as it should have. Those people who actively avoid God in all its various forms, have an immature, and underdeveloped ego. They have not moved beyond the idea of me, me, me, to the concept of we, we, we. Those people who fight God, because they claim religion is hypocritical, and the source of the world’s problems, are being hypocritical themselves.

Uncontrolled, egos are the dominant source of pain and suffering on this planet, not religion, and certainly not God.

World conditions reflect people’s misalignment to the reality of God and its natural laws. If you want to blame world conditions on something, first get your facts and your story right.

Rebellion is simply a childish temper tantrum, which your egos is having in a public place!

Spirituality is about “spirit and reality,” both of which are God, who is not deserving of the bad press he receives.