The alarm clock rings,
a new day begins,
night has given way
to the dawn.

In quiet I lay,
planning my day,
for in an hour
I must be gone.

Yes it’s lonely now,
but still somehow,
I’ve managed
to get by.

Just don’t ask me,
how it feels to be free,
don’t make me
tell a lie.

Yes I’ve pulled through,
but the loss of you,
has left an
empty space.

And it still causes me,
a lot of misery,
to hear your voice
or see your face.

However in time,
I’m sure I’ll be fine,
and life will soon be
worth living again.

And the hurt that I feel,
by then will have healed,
and I no longer
will feel all this pain.

So until that day,
I’ll keep working away,
trying to adjust
to the change.

But at night in the dark,
I still come apart,
and the silence I hear
feels so strange.

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