Missing You

From the depths of my mind to the surface,
here are some thoughts that have made their way,
about a few people I once called friends,
who now have gone away.

Even now there’s rarely a week goes by
that I don’t picture each ones face,
and that spot in my life they once occupied,
is now filled with just empty space.

About what happened to them I can only speculate,
but if I was to hazard a guess,
I think that with life they’d grown quite tired,
and that they wanted a permanent rest.

Death they thought, would bring the answer,
to a tortured spirit and a broken heart,
so ultimately in their minds they decided,
that from this world they would now depart.

As result, they left us all to mourn our loss,
and to wonder why,
whether just because the road got tough,
that they had the right to die.

And though I know there’s more to it
than the story I’m trying to tell,
in their minds it had seemed quite simple,
Life,..had become their hell.

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