Yes, this is old news,…but it is hilarious old news!
People were enraged at Trump’s win because they had shot their mouths off to anyone who would listen, and now they looked very foolish. Foolish for believing the propaganda of corporate owned media. I’m not sure what world they are living in, when they don’t know, or can’t believe that all the newspapers, television and radio stations, are owned by just a few people at the top of the pyramid.

Trump did the biggest favor, any person could do for America. He showed them what is possible, in the face of massive efforts by the media, to sabotage his campaign. He reveled that not everyone believes everything they are told in print, over the air, or on television.

The Media, does not own trump, and that is what causes both them, and everyone else who was made to look so stupid, to try to bring him down at every opportunity. They just can’t believe or deal with the fact that he made them all look like an a_s!