Life’s Big Questions #1

For the next little while I am going to maybe go off on a tangent and do a number of posts under the title “Life’s Big Questions.” The questions will be big, and whether the answers are, will be strictly up to the opinion of each person who may read the post. So I will start today with the first question.

Q: What is the truth about homosexuality?
A: The truth is that it is a controversial topic. I will call them gay people because it is easier to spell.

Are the issues which revolve around gay people more important than sheltering the homeless people in the world or feeding them? Is it more important an issue than providing clean drinking water or adequate medical care for people? Is it more important than ensuring that all children get an adequate education or that people are able to work and earn enough money to support their family?

As an issue to be settled by humanity, a persons sexual orientation is so far down the list of world problems to be solved that it is hardly worthy of the world’s attention, until such time as the world has solved most of its greater problems. At which time you will probably find that the world has moved upward in consciousness, and will be able to deal with gay people differently than they are now doing.

From the highest perspective, people are energy, which is of itself sexless in nature. Now it’s obvious that energy can be whatever it wants to be, and so at times it takes on the polarity of male and female, yet at its core it is still energy.

Gay people at their core are exactly the same as everyone else, unless God has started making people out of something new that I am unaware of.

Each person has been both male and female many times over during the course of their many incarnations, and so to make a major deal out of either sexual gender or sexual preference, is to reveal to people exactly where you stand on the scale of conscious development.

Freedom is one of the benchmarks of a loving society, and the restriction of personal freedom indicates a lack of understanding of the true nature of GOD.

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