The waters of Superior,
are very unsettling here today,
as they climb the cliffs, and pound the shore,
in this place they call Old Woman Bay.

And it occurs to me as I stand here,
observing this wondrous sight,
how someone could get it in their head,
to challenge this lakes might.

For I know there have been men,
who with courage have left the shore,
with intent to ride upon her waters
who are not among us any more.

And it humbles one to think,
that mans technology is of no avail,
once the waters of Superior
have been churned up by a gale.

And the swells can rise to such a height
that at times they block out the sky,
while the wind can feel so cutting
it brings tears to exposed eyes.

It’s such a time of contrast
to those day’s that summer brings,
When we have picnicked on the beach
beneath the birds here on the wing.

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