Because life has no meaning, any concept of specialness we decide to overlay on it, is totally our own, and has no basis in actual fact. It is merely how we choose to view life.

Having love for each person, and elevating them to a special position in your life above other people, is the choice to flaunt the law of the universe. Balance is not achieved by adding more weight to one side of the scale then the other. Making some people more special or important than other people, is equal to elevating them above the level of other people in society. This inequality is not equal to unity, but is instead more closely aligned to separation.

Love bonds us to other people, however, there are some people we would rather not be bonded to. The reason for this is because of vibrationall incompatibility, otherwise we would bond to everyone equally. This heightened state of vibrationall incompatibility, results in us viewing some people with a lesser emotional feeling of love than others. Vibrationall compatibility is the process responsible for creating relationships that feel more loving than others, and hence more special than others.

As good as a special relationship feels, we must acknowledge that it separates and alienates other individuals from us, otherwise we would all view people equally. The thought processes which drive the idea of specialness can become exaggerated, and it’s not a big leap to move from being more special than other people, to being superior to other people.

Once a superior state is established, then the ego logically moves to the conclusion that it deserves “special consideration” because it is superior. Now perhaps you can see how the idea of specialness can become equal to being the salesman’s “foot in the door.” It has the potential, because of ignorance, to lead to other low vibrationall situations.


Life Is Meaningless

When people are told “life is totally meaningless” they feel some kind of loss. It’s as if the higher purpose they thought they were serving, has been taking away.

On the contrary, your life’s purpose is still intact, only now you are free to pursue it. Realizing life is totally meaningless is freedom! It is being free from the limiting distorted believes about life, held within the collective consciousness of the planet.

Now you don’t have to use someone else’s meaning for life, you are free to give it your own. And what meaning will you give it? Will you taint your life’s meaning with your own fears about it? Will you let the love, joy, and gratitude for your life, give your life a meaning that will return peace, happiness, and contentment to you?

Once you accept that life is totally meaningless, you have accepted freedom. Once you exercise your freedom, you’ll feel like you have more control in your life. More control helps you feel more secure, and more security leads to peace of mind. People do not have to accept the pre conceived meanings about life that have been handed down throughout history. None of it is applicable to you.

Each life is fresh and new, and deserves its own meaning placed on it by its owner.

Placing the distorted meanings on life, you have adopted from other people, will not serve you. What will serve you is, to align your beliefs with God’s truth, they are the only beliefs capable of serving you well.

Everything in life is tied to everything else, there is no quick fix to what you perceive to be life’s problems. Realizing that you are free to give everything in life your own personal meaning, is a big part of a very large puzzle about life, and is one way to realize that many of the problems which you think you have, are only problems because that is the meaning you have attached to them.