Life’s Big Questions #3

Q: I seem to have a lot of fear within me. How do I get rid of it?

A: You are not alone. Bear in mind that people come in varying personality types best suited to assist them with what they incarnated to do in this life. Some people have intentionally decided to be more timid than others, and most women are more timid than men.

This being said, there are other factors which come into play that can increase a persons fear level, however, let’s be clear that we are talking about irrational fears for the most part.

Rational fears are those which are the result of a real danger to your physical survival. Irrational fears are everything outside of that.

Irrational fears are possibly the result of a consciousness that is too heavily invested in the low vibrational beliefs of the collective consciousness of humanity. As you alter your beliefs, you vibrationally ascend within the collective, becoming more of a minority as far as your beliefs are concerned, and more peaceful at the same time. Irrational fears can also be a carry over from a traumatic past life event, that creates anxiety within you and runs in the background of your mind, stealing your energy and enthusiasm for life.

Lastly, there is the fear of death. It is a certainty that all of us will one day die. If you were to live for ninety years would that be desirable, if you had spent the last forty of it worrying that some day you were going to die? Why not just accept the inevitable and live the whole ninety as fully as you can.

Besides, I’ll let you in on a little secret. A person never dies before their time. Your death was orchestrated as part of your life plan. You don’t think that you would put all that planning into your next incarnation and then “wing it” when it comes to your death do you, ( well I guess you probably do).

We won’t go into depth on this now, but rest assured that your death had an equal amount of attention paid to it, as any other aspect of your incarnational life plan. If you had intended to return just as soon as you had completed your life purpose, then that is what will happen, whether you are nine or ninety.

If you desire to raise the quality of your life, start with raising the quality of your thinking.

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