Fear Based Motivation

Have you ever heard the phrase eliminate the negative and accentuate the positive? Sounds good, feasible, viable,…right?

The fact is that the mind can only think and focus on one thought at a time, and so any time spent in one area of life, is time that can not be devoted to other areas, therefore, if you want to be positive,…just focus on that, period!

In this post I am going to use some fear based motivation, so that you might “feel it’s effects for yourself.” Now fear is a vibration which has many close vibrational harmonics, such as doubt, shame, guilt, anger, greed, jealousy etc. I am doing this so that you can detect how you sound to those of us who do not usually employ this form of motivational technique.

Of course, what I just wrote, contradicts what I wrote in the beginning about focusing on the positive, doesn’t it? There you go,…confusion,…how do you like it?

Fear based motivation is most often a knee-jerk reaction to life circumstances. Something happens and the public becomes outraged at the inhumanity of it, and a big cry goes out to the “powers that be” to do and change some things. And the powers do change things, they add more police, create more restrictive laws, eliminate personal freedoms, lobby for more military funds, add to their arsenal of weaponry, expand their military presence all over the globe, employ more of your sons and daughters to fight for your safety.

Tell me, what kind of parent sends their son or daughter to fight for a cause that they themselves won’t fight for? What kind of son or daughter, turns their gun on their own elders, grandparent or parent? What kind of politician starts a war, that they have no intention of personally fighting?

You do that’s who!

Someone who would stop at outrage, and not be prepared to risk anything at all for the idea they say they believe in,…is fearful! The trouble with fear based motivation is that it appears to be concerned with the collective good. Well here is a fact. When you have a limited knowledge or understanding of what is really going on in the world as a whole,… you can do nothing but make all your decisions based on what is going on in “your little world.”

That is a very small and limiting perspective, which most people in the world are operating from. They come from the “Me” perspective, or the “Mine” perspective. You all whine about the quality of life you are trying to create for your sons and daughters, then you send them off to be killed, in order to save some fat cat’s property, or bankers money, or to save your own asses! You want laws created that effect everyone’s freedoms, based on your little short-sighted personal perspective of how the world should be.

This all makes about as much sense as you do, when you open your mouth!

So,…you don’t like my tone, my attitude, my arrogance, my point of view? Just remember that they are all vibrational harmonics that reside not far from fear, so,…if you don’t like them, why do you employ them? Stop the knee jerk reactions! You people are so easy to get going,…so easy to manipulate. Wake up,…can’t you see how that fact is being used against you?

Welcome to fear. Secretly you love it, and all the effects it has over you, otherwise you would have dumped it like a bad relationship long ago! Personally I don’t think you know what you want, what you like, or whether you are coming or going!

Now in case you don’t know it what I have just done is to employ  the mirror technique, which is all about reflecting back at people their thoughts, words and actions so that they can see for themselves what they look and sound like to other people. If you don’t like what has been reflected back to you, then how happy can you be with what you have become? Not very, I would think.

So change,… then when people mirror your thoughts and actions back to you, all you will see and experience will be the love that is emanating from you.