Yesterday I had an urge to explore the topic of loyalty, and so I wrote the following. Now it is my thought that the idea of loyalty is revered and held in high esteem by almost everyone except me, or I would not be writing about it. So let us start, because I have no idea where this is going to go, but I think it will be interesting. Let us first define what it is we “can” be loyal to, before we discuss its merits. We can be loyal to our spouse, to our company, our team, to a brand, to a political party, to our country and maybe a few other things that I may have missed.

Loyalty implies a consistent and constant chosen preference over other possibilities, therefore, without the idea of making a comparison between things, one can not be loyal, because there would be no way of being disloyal and nothing you could be disloyal to. Now I am not saying that comparisons are always bad, but one can not make a comparison without also making a judgment about a thing. Comparisons imply a judgment, and a conclusion. Therefore, we now can say that loyalty breeds comparisons, which breed judgment, and judgment is capable of being in error.

Now additionally, when you ask people to be loyal to the part, such as in the concept of being loyal to a country, as opposed to being loyal to the whole, which is represented by humanity, then loyalty becomes divisive. This is the true nature of loyalty, for one can not be loyal to one aspect of reality without being divisive, and separating from other aspects of life, and people. Loyalty is in my opinion a value which was originally motivated by, and based in love, but the concept has over time been hijacked by the world, and used as a motivational and manipulative force in order to move people in a specific direction, and to get them to do things they would not ordinarily do.

You would not ordinarily get worked up and go out and kill people, but under the guise of loyalty to ones country, you might be persuaded to do anything. What and who are you being loyal to, is that loyalty being reciprocated,…or is loyalty often a one way street where you are being loyal to some cause, but receive very little in return? We have neat words and ideas to sum up certain aspects of life, certain realities. So then,…if you are not loyal, then you are a traitor? Well who said you had to be one or the other, or either for that matter? This is nothing but total manipulation by some faction which wants to use you for its own purposes.

The idea of loyalty is so strong in the world that the mere mention of it will stir up strong emotions in people. Such is the strength of the conditioning which has been put in place. Conditioning,… without conditioning, you might be tempted to think on your own, and set out on paths that are not acceptable to those who would control you.

Now here is an interesting thought. Should we question traditions and conventions and ideas? Some people might say sure,…go ahead and question things all you want, just as long as you keep doing what your supposed to do, and what we want you to do, we don’t have a problem with it.

So what about loyalty, is blind loyalty good?

If you have sworn loyalty to some organization, do you now have to condone every action by that organization? Of course you do,…that is what they want, and why they had you swear an alliance to them in the first place,…they want the blanket approval for all their activities, that your sworn loyalty gives them.

But hey,…it’s all good right? What could be better than always being on the right side, and fighting that constant menace to society (which seems to change weekly), and making the world a better place for “our kind!”