The Nature Of Reality

4 The Nature Of Reality
Jesus was quoted as saying, be in the world, not of it. This begs us to ask the question, is there something wrong with the world? One possible bit of insight into the nature, and truth of this quote, is that, this world is only our temporary home, and that it is filled with many people who are mesmerized by the physical nature of this world. We are saying in this chapter that, not all things in this world are as they appear to be on the surface, and that there is more happening in our everyday lives than meets the eye. Given this insight, we will touch on some points in this chapter that will be beneficial toward the achievement of your success, so they may become entirely obvious to you. Success itself must be based in thoughts, beliefs, and actions which are grounded in reality. It is beneficial to your search for success, to realize that, ideas and ideologies such as spirituality and religion, and even science for that matter, are all just humanities way of trying to describe, understand, and organize their life. Reality at the highest level is undeviating, while at our level, reality it is largely a matter of what we believe about life, as the result of our personal experiences. Reality for most of us is, whatever we believe it to be. The interesting result of mixing certain aspects of reality which seemed to be fixed, with other parts of reality that appear to be flexible, is that it creates confusion in the minds of people, about which is which? We do need to become knowledgeable about what we can change, and what we can not, so that we can start to work in harmony with life, instead of continually banging our heads against a wall.

As a result of this, I personally like to acknowledge the nature of reality as having been created by an intelligent, benevolent, energetic, entity that we call the Creator, or God if you prefer. All creation is a subdivision in some manner of the only thing that exists, which is God, and it is all constructed from the smallest, indivisible, form of matter called the God particle. This particle is activated by thought, which is powered by energy, and eventually becomes a physically manifested reality, equal to the nature of the thought and emotional energy which created it. This whole process is natural, and never stops, but continually creates in direct alignment with the nature of our thoughts and feelings, therefore, if we have a dominantly positive personality, then our life long creations will be mostly positive in nature, and the opposite is true as well.

Success then, is a natural process, and comes forth most easily and consistently for those people who are positive in nature, and who have a better than average understanding of themselves, other people, and the process by which life manifests as the result of our thoughts about it. In order to achieve your success, it most often requires the assistance of other people, who are themselves, attracted to people with pleasing personalities. Our own positive loving personality will attract people to us like a magnet, and they will henceforth, desire to contribute to our success, because they know that we have their highest good in mind at all times. This is reality, and any other scenario is a deviation from the way that life was intended to be. Now, we are not saying that this is the way life is currently working here on Earth. Instead, we are saying that, it is the way life at the highest level, is supposed to be, and that it represents the shortest path to ones success in life. Working with life’s natural processes is the shortest, least time and energy-consuming way, to achieve your success in life. Every other method is the equivalent of swimming across the current, or up-stream against life.

The important points to remember in this chapter are that, many important aspects of life, and the success process, are hidden from us, and we will continue to struggle with success, until we become familiar with those invisible aspects of life. It is also important to remember that, when we have a positive attitude and personality, it benefits everyone, and increases our chances of success, by making those we come into contact with, feel good about themselves, and us.