Don’t Be So Quick To Agree

It’s good to get out of our comfort zone occasionally and mix it up with people who have different beliefs than ourselves. Yes, it feels good to be with people who hold the same beliefs and values we do, but when we do that too much, we are really working against ourselves. When two people agree on just about everything, because their beliefs are so similar, then the opportunity to learn something from one another goes down dramatically. It’s an inverse relationship actually. The more you agree, the less you can learn from one another. This can be particularly troublesome when very large numbers of people hold the same belief, and that belief happens to be in error.

It’s no accident that there is duality in the world, which creates the possibility of diverse experiences and opinions. A difference of opinion creates the possibility where, two people can learn something from one another. If they agree, then that opportunity is lost. If they agree, and are in error as to the truth of their belief, who is there to give them a wake-up call? Agreement symbolizes unity, while disagreement stems from polarity, or, duality if you will. Unity is the end goal, but duality is the process that we must go through to get there. It is what tempers our personality, and creates moral fiber within us.

Too much agreement makes us soft of character and weak of mind. We need a good dose of diversity to help us move ahead in our conscious development.

Wouldn’t you agree?