Erroneous Scientific Theory Process And Findings

This post is entitled “Erroneous Scientific Theory, Process And Findings.” I was going to call it “Metaphysics Rips Science A New A_ _ H _ LE,” but, I decided that the first title probably had just a little more class!

Now let me qualify what I am about to say by telling you that,
this post is just another ramble by an illiterate, probably uneducated, person,who is obviously not knowledgeable about scientific theory or procedure. That is what any quasi scientist will probably say about it so, I’ll say it first, and steal any satisfaction they might feel from saying it themselves!

Now probably you might be wondering what is prompting me to address this topic,…why do I have such a burr under my saddle about science?

Well all I can say is that truth sits well with me, and lies don’t. As is probably the case for the reader I would imagine. So both you and I are not unique in our desire for truth, and that is what allows me to be on the same page as the reader.

I expose myself to a lot of religious and scientific theories, and from my perspective, both the scientific and religious community have a lot to boast about, and apologize for! Neither are as pure as the driven snow, in either their purpose, or the execution of their mandate.

Science is trying to strengthen its position within the world by turning public opinion against religion, with the intent of making itself appear to be, the only viable alternative to religion.

By overthrowing religion, science would then automatically become the premier power and thought structure on Earth.

Now I have a problem with that, don’t you? This world is not perfect, but it doesn’t suck either, at least not yet! Once we start having a test tube, laboratory, equation driven world, who knows what will go on.

Does this mean I am scared of the unknown? No, it means I am scared of what I already know about science! Science likes to parade its successes around under people s noses, but they rarely show you their failures. They like to maximize the public exposure of their successes, and minimize the damage done to us, collectively, in order to keep their reputation intact.

Now in all fairness, religion is guilty of the same thing, only to a lesser extent.

Science may point to all the religious wars that are needlessly being fought, as proof that religion is “the” problem, but those wars are not being fought with sticks and stones!

A “drone” is a highly complex, technical piece of machinery, which is the brainchild of who,…? You guessed it,…it’s the brain child of some scientist cooped up in a lab, working for some military subcontractor, for the purpose of developing his part of a military weapon.

“Hey,”…he says with his hands in the air, “don’t look at me, I only make a widget, what they do with it is not my business! Besides, they tell me don’t ask, because I don’t need to know!”

What am I saying here? I am saying that,

“science has been, and is continuing to, sell us all out to the highest bidder!”

Science is now one of the biggest contributors to pain and suffering in this world because of the un-selective nature of, “who they work for, and the projects they work on!”

Tell me out of all the scientists in the world, how many are totally self-employed, and can pick and choose where they will place their expertise? Get the picture?

Most scientists have a “job,” and do what their told, and what their told is, “shut the f _ ck up and do your work!”

Others have a “glorified Job,”  as professors of something, at some university! They are the ones who can usually afford to be a little more “mouthy” about what great humanitarians scientists are.

The truth is that, “the greatest minds in the scientific community have been, and are continuing to develop, some of the most horrific weapons in existence, for no other express purpose then to kill people.”

Here are a few articles with links to them below in case you care to delve into this area for yourself. I only needed 3 minutes  to find this stuff it is so rampant, a fact which speaks for itself!

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Canadian veterans’ health problems unlikely related to depleted uranium, Scientific Advisory Committee study finds

UN General Assembly supports precautionary approach to depleted uranium weapons
Study finds transmission of genetic damage to offspring upon preconceptional paternal exposure to depleted uranium

Okay, enough of the supporting theories. I am not really into reasearch, because it really isn’t necessary, just open up your eyes, and see what is going on all around you!

Before I close out there are a few points of my own I want to say, and again I will tell you that,

“these thoughts are my own, and Gods,…yes I said Gods, because there really is no separation between God and ourselves. I will add a qualifier here by saying they are a long way from being the vibrationally highest thoughts of God, but nevertheless,…they are up there!”

“Humanities inability to detect or understand something about life, is irrelevant to life’s current existence!

The natural world exists as truth, and defines itself by its existence. It therefore is not up to science to define the nature of reality, but to “discover it for themselves and us.”

That which has always existed, is totally unaffected by either ignorance or denial!

For those scientists who are slow on the uptake, I’ll explain. Everything which has ever been discovered by science was not created by them, but was discovered to exist in some manner, which eventually science went on to understand, as the vibrational level of their thinking began to match the vibrational level of the reality they were studying.

Technically, if we had thought 2000 years ago, according to the model of scientific thinking, we would at that time, have had to dismiss most of what we know to be true today, as nothing more than delusional thinking! But science will tell you they are sure that what we know “today,” has to be the truth, and they’re slow to admit any of their ideas might possibly change in the future!

Actually, the more science discovers today, about the nature of reality, only indicates how ignorant they were about its nature in the past! “Hey, we may have been stupid in the past, but that’s all over!” Ya,…right,… whatever!

If the Scientific Communities focus has been on studying the nature of physical reality in-depth, and their funding has been tied to that exploration, then how can they possibly make a valid opinion about anything they have neither been focusing on, or studying in-depth? It seems to me that if you can’t come to a quick conclusion about the nature of physical reality which you can see, then how could you possibly come to a quick conclusion about the nature of spiritual reality, which you cannot see?

I guess you have to be a scientist to both believe and explain the answer to that question!