Do You Need To Believe In God To Be A Loving Person

Do you need to believe in God in order to be a loving person?

I will say that anyone who doesn’t believe In God, and considers themselves to be a loving person, would say no to that question.

Also I will ask, “who doesn’t consider themselves to be a loving person?” Very few people would admit to “not” being a loving person.

This is admittedly a difficult question for most people to answer, because of the fact that we can see both believers and non believers in God, performing loving acts.

Does doing one loving act make you a loving person? Not any more than doing one unloving act makes you a bad person.

The “extent” to which all your thoughts, speech and actions are loving, is what determines how loving a personality you are!

Those people who believe in God might profess that their values and beliefs stem from believing in God, and following his mandate. Those who do not believe in God have only one other option, which is the belief that their values are “inherently” loving.

To this last group of people I ask the question, “where does this inherently loving personality come from?”

If these inherently loving values were the result of living in the world and aligning with  worldly values, then why isn’t the world a totally loving place, and why doesn’t the belief that works for some, work for all?

Those who do not believe in God but consider themselves to be loving personalities, rarely ask the question, “where do these loving values come from?” This same situation also reappears each time a person “thinks,” but never asks the question “how am I able to think, and where are these thoughts coming from?”

The answer is that the vibrationally high beliefs and values within you, are extensions of the knowledge, beliefs, and values held within a persons over-soul. The oversoul being the spiritual being which has projected part of its essence into physical reality at this time, to become the “you” which is self-aware.

Of course this oversoul of which we are speaking, smacks of “God stuff,” and for those who do not believe in God, that presents a problem, and a conflict with their current beliefs.

“Better not to believe in God, and that way we don’t have to change anything about ourselves, or face up to the nature of reality, which has a tendency to accentuate some of our current short comings.”

The answer then, to the question “does a person need to believe in God in order to do the loving acts which would classify them as being a loving person,” Is yes!

The reason is that all love is vibrationally based, and the highest vibrations reside with God itself. This means that all love is a manifestation or expression, of some vibrational frequency.

What you consider to be a loving act, and your neighbour considers a loving act, and God considers a loving act, can all be different vibrational orders of reality!

“This is why everyone considers themselves to be a loving person.”

They judge themselves to be loving, however, who is to say how accurate your judgement is? After all, you do not even understand the full nature of the reality you are living amidst, so how accurate can your judgements possibly be?

Here is the bottom line.

Love and gratitude are not that far apart, vibrationally, so how loving can you possibly be, if you can not show your gratitude to your creator for all he has lovingly given you?

Without a belief in God, who becomes the benchmark against which we measure love, all you can do is “approximate” how loving you are, with no real ability to define how accurate your judgement about yourself really is!

There is no love without gratitude, and who are you gratefully to for your life, yourself?

Love and God go together because, “love is God, and God is love,” the two are synonymous, so those who are aware of what love is, never struggle with the idea of God!