About The Lost God

God is not lost. In fact, if anyone is lost,…it is those people who insist that there is no God.

Why would anyone think or say there is no God?

Well who knows for sure? These people all have their own individual reasons for holding that opinion,…but personally, I think it is because they are afraid of God.

The creator has not always been portrayed in the most flattering light. There are many myths, and outright errors about the nature of God, that are pretty scary to the average person.

By deciding that God itself is a myth, people are able to banish the fear they feel, by banishing God,….or so they think.

Of course you can only do this, if you are totally clueless as to what God really is.

The “delusion” is not in thinking that God exists, but rather in not knowing what it is you’re looking for,…and then out of that state of ignorance, making an arbitrary decision, that the subject matter of your search, is non-existent.

If you do not know what God is,…then you can’t, with any degree of logic, declare it’s non existence. Oh you can illogically and emotionally declare God’s non existence,…but that is about as far as that will take you.

Admitting God is real, brings back the fear of God, that people were trying to banish in the first place,..so most people are not going to willingly work against their own best interests,…as they see it.

It is the irrational fear of God, and the subsequent knee jerk reactions to that fear, that are holding most people captive.

Now, just because some people don’t believe, (on a conscious level) that there is a God, doesn’t mean there isn’t one. You can deny the existence of reality, but your denial can not make it go away,…especially when we are talking about “ultimate reality,” which is what God is.

The idea that there is no God is so humorous, that the only reason not to roll on the floor in laughter, is the fact that you’ll probably hurt a persons feelings in doing so. Ignorance in any area of life is no laughing matter.

Educating people, is a more productive response than laughter.

So describe in detail, the God who is non-existent. Can you do that? Don’t you think that it would be a basic requirement? After all, if i asked you to go out and find a person for me, the first two questions out of your mouth would be,…what is their name, and what do they look like?

Without knowing what you’re looking for, or who you’re looking for, how would you know when you’ve found them,….or not found them, as the case may be?

You know,…one of the leading characteristics that people who don’t believe in God like to flaunt, is their logic. But only when it is convenient, and when it is working for them.

Anyway,…the bottom line is that disbelief in God has no logic to it, because it is purely an arbitrary decision based on a persons personal preferences. It is a choice. And there is nothing wrong with that, just so long as you are honest and clear with people, by saying that you simply “choose” to deny the existence of God.

That is your right. It is a divine right, which we call free will. So if you choose not to believe in God,…fine. But why go through all the mental gymnastics of trying to justify your decision by implying you have no other logical choice?

You have a choice in everything. That is why you have free will.