The Nature Of Wisdom

The world is ruled primarily by people who have a head full of facts. Those with high academic credentials rise to the top of society, like cream on top of a vat of fresh milk.

But facts are not wisdom, and the belief that they are, has been contributing to the downfall of society, by allowing those with lesser understanding, to occupy positions of influence.

Wisdom is not “what” you know, rather, it is what you “do” with what you know! For knowledge that goes unused to benefit people in general, is no better than having it, not at all.

Wisdom is knowing that love exists, as the highest state of “being.”

Wisdom is the decision, and the act, of “being” the love that you know you are.

Wisdom comes from aligning with “the” truth.

Wisdom is knowing that God, love and truth are all one and the same. Where one exists, so too, will you find the others.

And finally,..wisdom is knowledge, combined with love, made active for the highest good, of the greatest number of people.

One wise heart that knows how to love, and shares its love with others, is worth more than all the facts and knowledge laying dormant, in all the encyclopedias of the world.