We Can Change Our Minds

It is very empowering to realize that we are entitled to change our minds. Of course if we were alone in the world who would really care of we changed our minds? It is only those other people who have built some aspect of their life on what we have committed ourselves too, who are against us changing our mind. The world is big on the idea of responsibility, and will tell you that a responsible person always keeps their word and their commitments to other people, especially their financial commitments, which seemed to carry more weight in this world then personal ones. It is feared that the stability of the world, and our economy would suffer greatly if people were allowed to change their mind at any time, with no penalty for doing so. Maybe that is true, but it is only because business is involved in the practice of selling goods to people who cannot afford them. If everyone bought their goods with cash instead of credit, there would be no contracts to renege on!

In essence, the world entices people to enter into contracts they shouldn’t sign, then forces them to stay in them under the guise of being socially responsible. Guilt, penalties, social pressure, and the law, are all brought to bear to keep people doing things they no longer want to do, and maybe shouldn’t have done in the first place! There is another perspective on this, other than the one that has been put forth by the moneylenders. It helps to understand that in the natural world there is a hierarchy of laws working together, none of which violate the others. You’ll never find a lower law violating a higher one, nature does not contradict itself. In the aspect of reality where gravity is applicable, no other natural law violates the law of gravity to suit its own purposes. This is not the case on Earth with people, who construct laws according to human understanding and special interests. Many of the our laws contradict and violate each other, but they cannot violate natural law which Is always in effect. The vibrationally highest laws are universal constants, and they are love, truth, freedom and joy. These laws are the natural aspects of God, and all are equal to each other.

You are entitled to change your mind because under the law of love, people should not be enticed to do something that is not for everyone’s highest good. Under the law of truth, a full disclosure should always be made regarding the nature of any agreement between people, and as such, there is no need for any fine print whatsoever in any contract. Under the law of freedom, people should never be forced to do anything which violates their personal freedom, and under the law of joy, a person’s freedom entitles them to always seek their personal joy wherever it may be found. This observation will be hotly contested by those with the most money loaned out, and the most contracts under enforcement. It is freeing to know that we all have rights which supersede the special interest laws being imposed on us by those in power. It is important to remember that while it may be illegal in some cases to change your mind, it certainly is not immoral. The natural laws of the universe supersede the temporary, shortsighted, transitory laws created by society. Love, truth, freedom and joy are just a few of the vibrationally highest laws that keep this universe working perfectly.