Suffering. What is it, and what should we do about it, if anything? Should we just concentrate on our own suffering, or concern ourselves with the suffering of others? First, lets consider that people approach this question from all levels of consciousness, from the vibrationally highest to the lowest. Therefore, while the question may be consistent, the people who are asking the question, are not. Because people are both the same, and different, how does that impact the answer? Suffering is both physical and mental anguish. The physical suffering is self-explanatory. You stub your toe and it hurts, plain and simple. Mental anguish, or mental suffering is something different. You get asparagus for supper and it nauseates you, however, your mother makes you eat it regardless, and you feel like you are going to hurl with every bite. Meanwhile, your older brother is wolfing it down like there is no tomorrow, and he is starting to eyeball your portion, and making signs that you should put yours on his plate when mom isn’t looking. How can two people experience two opposite reactions to the same phenomenon?

This last question in itself, tells you that much of the suffering in life is based on a personal belief about what is joyful and what is not. You do not experience joy, because something is intrinsically joyful. You experience something, and then label that experience as being joyful, and from that point forward, you have now developed a bias toward that experience, which will taint all future similar experiences. Now in addition to this, we should add that while nothing is intrinsically joyful, things are experienced as vibrational realities, and these are not open to speculation of any kind, therefore, the higher the vibrational reality you are experiencing, the more likely you are to label it as being joyful.

Should we help those who are suffering? Well my answer would be yes and no. If you believe that there are experiences on the Earth plain that people should never have to go through, in this or any other life time, then I guess the answer for you would be yes, because of your beliefs. If you believe that everyone on Earth is here primarily for their own development, and that all experience leads to more a complete, and expanded consciousness development, then the answer for you would be no. Additionally, if you consider that the vibrationally highest response to every situation, is the most loving response, then some of you will interpret the act of alleviating suffering as being loving. Other people may interpret the act of allowing people to experience, what they need to experience in order to facilitate the expansion of their consciousness, as being a loving act.

On Earth, as well as in other realms, we have both individual and collective experiences and agendas. Therefore, all questions always have to be looked at and answered in light of those two realities. One could even say that there is an answer for the individual which is the little picture, as well as one for the collective, which represents the bigger picture. They could be the same or they could be different depending on the question. So, while we have touched on some highlights surrounding the topic of suffering, there are still some questions which remain unanswered for some people. We have however, given plenty of food for thought about the topic of suffering, and I hope this has widened your perspective on the matter.