The Tsunami Wave Of Negative Media Reporting

People just want to live happy lives, not be immersed in controversy and turmoil. Yet, they watch the news, which is predominantly negative. This has always amazed me. I am guilty of it as much as anyone, but I have always wondered what the underlying reason is, that negative news sells better than positive news.

It’s like if something bad is coming our way, people want to know about it so that they can prepare. Makes sense I guess. A stitch in time saves nine,…and all that. We wear seat belts, lock our doors, and buy flood insurance,….just in case. Are we a generation of paranoid people? At home we watch the news and see all the very worst scenarios taking place on the planet, which are no more representative of life here, then the number of hurricanes taking place at any given time.

The reality is that, this all creates a heightened sense of insecurity in people, which fuels the insurance industry, the auto industry, national defense, and government growth and spending. Our paranoia, spawned by magnified media coverage of limited acts of violence, works to take away our money and our freedoms, placing them both into the hands of corporate America, and big brother.

Trump is now president. He is certainly far from perfect, but I feel that people should be given the chance to show what they can do, before you start hauling in the reins on them. The Internet represents a whole new way of influencing people, and the powers that be have been quick to exploit and control it for their own ends. Just ask Edward Snowden!

People are being “played, big time, ” and either they are ignorant of that fact, or they are okay with it. It’s up to each of us to figure it out for ourselves,…not look around and walk a path because all our friends are walking down that same path. You can’t be an individualist and conformist at the same time. you have to pick one, then go with it.

People couldn’t possibly have a problem with Trump being president, because he had not done anything as president, “until” he was elected. They were simply reacting to media information about Trump, designed to place him in a bad light. Yes, he had skeletons in his closet, but no more so than Kennedy, Nixon or Bush. This was designed by the powers that be to be a “media” election, and they thought it would be a “cake walk” but they were wrong! Thankfully there were enough people who were ready for a change, to counter the tsunami wave of negative media reporting, and get Trump elected.

Now that Trump is president, how much longer are people going to cry into their beer before they grow up and start taking this loss like adults, instead of whinny kids who are lying on the floor in the super market, kicking and screaming cause mom won’t give them their own way?