You Can’t Pull Yourself Up By Your Own Bootstraps

You know, the U.S. created a lot of the trouble going on overseas in order to increase, gain, or protect their oil interests there. Self interest has been their agenda, not world peace. First they destabilized foreign governments, then they were well on the way to destabilizing their own government, until just recently when the election put the brakes on that.

Helping a few people is one thing, but bringing a large number of people into the country who are virtually unknown entities is another.

A little anti-venom will save your life, but a whole lot will kill you!

Controlled immigration of people who are moving towards a dream, instead of running away from a nightmare, is what works. Otherwise I say if you want to help people, then stop bombing the hell out of their country!

The U.S. has not demonstrated in a long time, an ability to help their own people, so how can they possibly help anyone else?