It’s All The Same Stuff

This site is supposed to be primarily about God and spirituality,…so why all the posts about the environment, and politics?

Well the first reason is that everything is energy, including God, who is the source of all energy. This means that it is all God,….all one,…all connected.

We are all connected and all one. The lack of knowledge about this,….the lack of belief of this fact, is what is causing all the problems in this world today.

Environmental problems are caused by ignorance. Relationship problems are caused by ignorance. The more that our true nature is hidden from us, the more errors we are apt to make, that will affect not only ourselves, but those around us.

Because everything is connected, there is no way to get off topic, because ultimately the topic is “singular.”

If it”s all God, (and it is) then there is always only one topic. Think about the last time you were sitting down having a light, fun conversation with your best friend, that lasted at least an hour. How far afield from the first topic you were discussing, was the last topic? Your conversations probably ran from one thing, to the next, to the next. Not only that, but you were okay with that,…it felt natural, and made sense. It didn’t make your “hey we’re off topic” alarm bells go off!

This is the natural way that conversations go,….unless they become “unnaturally structured.”

The natural way of life is for it to “flow” from one thing to the next, because everything is connected. If it wasn’t there would be major blockages at every turn.

God, spirituality, politics and the environment, are simply ways that we choose to categorize certain aspects of life,….that does not mean  that they are in any way separate,…except in our minds.