The Balance Between Truth And Indifference

Truth,….why is it such a threat to people? Those who deceive don’t want the truth to come out, and those who are deceived, don’t want to face up to the reality of the deceptions that have been played out upon them.

So it goes that those who would take advantage of our trust, do so, and the rest of us give them that licence by looking the other way, lest some new knowledge shatter our falsely constructed view of life. Finally, when the truth can no longer be denied,…when it is “in our face,” everywhere we look, then what is our reaction? Why, it is outrage of course!

How could they have been allowed to do what they did, is the question on every one’s lips. When the more pertinent question is,” how could we have been so blind and indifferent to what has been going on?”

It is a challenge, is it not? How to strike a balance between global concern. and personal happiness. I have no real answers for you. I do know however, that balance is the key, and constant denial or indifference is an out of balance state of being.