Daniel Tammet – The Boy With The Incredible Brain

People are capable of some astounding feats,…like the person who mentally calculated and verbally spoke the calculation for Pi for 5 hours without a single mistake. This happened before a very large audience and was documented on film.

Did this really happen? If it did then what does that say about all the other amazing feats which happen daily but never get filmed or televised? Are they any less real because of that difference?

Things such as what that person did in front of cameras are very disturbing to science, because it throws their assumptions right out the window, and eats away at their authority. Science is getting as bad as medicine, in that nothing is credited as being real, unless and until it has an official scientific stamp of approval.

The fact is that, science knows so little, and the public knows even less, that to wait for science to deliver all your answers to you is ridiculous. People should be exploring “all” avenues open to them in order to receive the answers they are looking for.

Now science and medicine will never do anything to undercut their own authority, so don’t expect them to sanction the activity of  you looking for your own answers. Just like religion,…where would that leave the people at the top?

There are many paths up to the top of the mountain,…not just the paths travelled by science and religion.