Why Do Unpleasant Events Befall People

Greetings,…this is Sanora speaking. It is wonderful to be able to share our knowing with you at this time, with regards to this topic.

Life is a kaleidoscope of activity and events, and so to say that there is just one definitive answer to this inquiry, would be to over simplify things. Events happen as the result of the influence of both personal choice, social pressure and planetary events. At the same time that you are making choices that affect your life, you are also being carried along by the effects created by the choices of millions of other people, who represent the “collective.” Add to this the personal agenda that you created for yourself prior to your current incarnation, which may seem rather fuzzy to you at this point in time, and you can see the large number of variables these three factors can contribute to the question of: “why do unpleasant events befall people?”

Consider also that people do not grow in physical strength, unless they work out and increase the resistance that their muscles must contend with. In this same way,….people only grow in consciousness when they are mentally put under pressure and forced to think and act in ways that are beyond and above anything they have attempted before. Problems are one of the key tools in life that facilitate personal growth. No doubt, if left to their  own desires, most people would take a “pass” on the idea of solving problems, and opt for the path of least resistance,…which is to do only what appeals to them, or feels good.

Some world events are certainly not directed at the individual. They happen to you, because you are in close enough proximity to be caught up in them. You call that: “being in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

To summarize then, we can say that some events that you currently classify as negative, are happening because that was your plan before you came here, other events are happening because you are being heavily influenced by the low energy beliefs of social consciousness, and lastly, other problematic events, are the result of planetary changes caused by the forces of nature, trying to balance the energies involved.

We hope this has been of benefit to you. Peace love and joy, unto you and yours.